Way too early NFL preview


Elliot Bones

The NFL (National Football League) playoffs are over 8 months away. The majority of off-season training is still ahead and the preseason is nowhere to be seen. But the confetti has settled on the last superbowl, meaning that there is nothing but the new season to look forward to. With that in mind, it’s time for “Way too Early Playoff Predictions.”
This piece will not only attempt to predict the playoffs before rosters are even finalized, but it will also try to predict the teams that fall just short, the sleepers, and the new guys on the playoff block.
First, the players who will achieve above all others next season. Before any games have been played, this article will try and predict the players that will set themselves above the rest.
Awards Predictions:
Offensive MVP: Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck was one of the best quarterback prospects ever coming out of college and now he’s blossomed into one of the top quarterbacks in the league with the potential to enter the TBE (The Best Ever) debate later on in his career. This year will be his best yet. Last season Luck led the leagues best passing offense, and it looks to only improve on last years performance. Adding veteran star Andre Johnson and veteran running back Frank Gore will make this offense more balanced and take some of the pressure off Luck, which will result in Luck picking apart defenses on his way to Offensive MVP.
Defensive MVP: Luke Kuechly
No, that is not J.J. Watt’s name. It is the name of three year MLB Luke Kuechly. Kuechly won this award in 2013, the year before J.J. Watt became the most dominant player in recent memory. This year though, Watt won’t slow. Kuechly will hold that spot. The Boston College graduate has amassed 295 tackles in his three year career and has been the anchor of the Carolina defense. There is no doubt that Kuechly is a star, but this year he’ll shine the brightest.
MVP: Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck has as good a shot as any at this award as any. The former first round selection lead the leagues best passing offense last year, and has even more weapons this year. The Colt’s quarterback will be aided by veteran receiver Andre Johnson, and will be given the benefit of a solid run game with the addition of running back Frank Gore. These key pieces along with those already in place including young receiver T.Y. Hilton will make Luck an unstoppable juggernaut who take the NFL by storm.
Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Amari Cooper
Amari Cooper is a rocket. He’s slightly undersized, but he has the speed and strength to make up for it. Cooper dominated the college game without even playing with and elite quarterback. In Oakland Cooper will be paired with 24 year old Derek Carr, a young but budding talent. Cooper will be the prime target in Oakland, so he will have plenty of time to show off his plethora of abilities.
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Trae Waynes
This award could easily go to guys such as Leonard Williams or Dante Fowler Jr., but Trae Waynes is as good a possibility as any. Waynes, who came into the draft as the top corner, is not only very talented, but will be entering a favorable situation. Minnesota, where Waynes will reside next year, is an up-and-coming program who is looking to have a much improved year. Waynes will play beside a solid corner in Xavier Rhodes who will make his load easier to carry. If Wayne’s can improve his tackling before the beginning of the season, this is his award to lose.
Coach of the Year: Todd Bowles
It will be hard to do worse on offense than the Jets did last year, so Bowles will look good on that front regardless of what he conjures up. The addition of Brandon Marshall should help even the abysmal Jets quarterbacks produce a heartbeat. Add to this a defense that is shaping up to be one of the best in the NFL and there’s talent enough for the Jets to thrive. If Bowles is any sort of a coach he should be able to improve on the Jets last season and if he is a truly good coach he should have a shot at this award.
Next, let’s get into the real predictions for the 2015-2016 NFL playoffs.
The Predictions:

Wild Card Weekend NFC Carolina Panthers (3) vs. Arizona Cardinals (6)/Dallas Cowboys (4) vs. Detroit Lions (5)AFC Pittsburgh Steelers (3) vs. Denver Broncos (6)/Buffalo Bills (5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (4)
Divisional NFC Seattle Seahawks (1) vs. Arizona Cardinals (6)/Green Bay Packers (2) vs. Detroit Lions (5)AFC Indianapolis Colts (1) vs. Buffalo Bills (5)/New England Patriots (2) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (3)
Championship NFC Seattle Seahawks (1) vs. Green Bay Packers (2)AFC Indianapolis Colts (1) vs. New England Patriots (2)
Super Bowl Indianapolis Colts def. Seattle Seahawks

Just Missed:
Before we go into the super bowl contenders, let’s go over the teams that just missed the cut. These are the teams that will contend throughout the season, but won’t make it to the playoffs for various reasons; be it lack of experience or just bad luck.
Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles made several eye-opening moves in the offseason, headed by former Oregon coach Chip Kelly, who brought the no-huddle offense to the NFL.  They traded away their offensive superstar, 3-time pro-bowler RB LeSean McCoy, to the Buffalo Bills for Kiko Alonso (87 tackles in 2013), a young, talented linebacker who suffered an ACL tear in 2014. To fill McCoy’s void, Philly acquired 2014 offensive MVP Demarco Murray (league-leading 1845 yards), and picked up former St. Louis Ram Sam Bradford (59 career touchdowns) to bolster the quarterback position. Despite the acquisitions, the offense still has question marks.  Bradford has played only 7 games in the last two seasons, and his health and durability is unpredictable.  Furthermore, Murray’s production in Philadelphia will not match his 2014 season in Dallas, as he enters a new offensive scheme and runs behind an average offensive line. If Bradford can stay healthy and perform to his level of potential, and if Murray can be an effective running back outside of Dallas, the Eagles could be lethal in the mediocre NFC East. But as it stands in 2014, they’re not quite there.
Cincinnati Bengals: Cincinnati has spent the past five years on the bubble of the playoffs, occasionally cracking into the magic 12 teams allowed to vie for the Lombardi Trophy. On other occasions, however, they fall just short; as they will in 2015. The Bengals bring back an Meanwhile, the Panthers defense is becoming one of the most prolific in the league despite the loss of elite yet controversial defensive end Greg Hardy.  If Newton can stay healthy and the defense performs as it did in previous years, the Panthers will make the playoffs, due in large part to the terrible play in the NFC South.
New York Jets: The Jets crashed in a horrendous way last season, hobbling to a 4-12 record. The Jets’ management has done everything in their power to turn that around this season, starting with the firing of head coach Rex Ryan.  The Jets also boast a solid defense, headlined by defensive linemen Sheldon Richardson (8 sacks, 42 tackles) and Muhammad Wilkerson (6 sacks, 31 tackles), backed by a steady linebacking core built around Demario Davis (78 tackles). The secondary was bolstered with the addition of 6-time pro-bowler Darrelle Revis and 4-time pro-bowler Antonio Cromartie. The big questions mark for the Jets appears on offense, as veteran receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker lead a talented receiving corps, but this talent does not exist at quarterback. QB Geno Smith sported the second-worst QBR in 2014, and the situation wasn’t significantly improved with the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick (55.29 QBR). The Jets ground game should improve with the addition of former New England Patriot Stevan Ridley, and a solid offensive line to lead the way. Overall the Jets are a new team from last year, but consistently woeful quarterback play will hold them back.
Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons look to improve from 2014 as they return key starters on both sides of the ball. Despite not making any moves in the offseason, the horrendous nature of the NFC South will allow for the Falcon’s to finish 2nd in 2015. Atlanta boasts two talented receivers in Julio Jones (1,593 yards) and Roddy White (4-time pro-bowler). However, without an elite quarterback, the duo cannot perform to their potential, as Falcons QB Matt Ryan continues his strand to mediocrity.  To make matters worse, Atlanta loses Missouri product, LB Sean Weatherspoon on defense, the same defense that placed last in 2014 in yards allowed. Although the passing game and special teams could keep the Falcons in the playoff race, the defense, along with Matt Ryan’s eventual inconsistency, will place the Falcons on the outside looking in at the NFL playoffs.
Houston Texans: The Texans finished with a 9-7 record last season after going 2-14 in 2013 and look to improve again in 2015. Headed by defensive player of the year J.J. Watt (20.5 sacks), the defense, which placed 7th in points allowed, again looks to be solid in 2015.  Offensively, the Texans lost 7-time pro-bowler Andre Johnson, but look to second-year WR DeAndre Hopkins (1210 yards) and RB Arian Foster (Texan record-holder in career TDs, 53, and yards, 6309) to fill his role.  Still, Houston lacks at the quarterback position as three subpar players, Ryan Mallett, Brian Hoyer and Tom Savage, fight for the starting spot. Until the Texans can produce on offense consistently, they are stuck in the outskirts of the NFL playoffs.
Now, on to the playoffs!
Playoff Contenders
Indianapolis Colts (1)
2014 Record: 11-5
Predicted MVP: Andrew Luck
Key Offseason Acquisition: Frank Gore
The Colts made multiple big name acquisitions in the offseason, most notably the signings of veterans Frank Gore and Andre Johnson. The addition of Johnson will boost an average wide receiving core that includes T.Y. Hilton and former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch. Signing Frank Gore will boost the Colt’s run game which was stagnant at best in 2014, posting the 22nd rush offense. The emergence of a run game will help balance out the Colts whose passing game ranked 1st in the league last year. Headed by three time Pro-Bowler Andrew Luck the Indianapolis offense looks as if it will be a dominant force in the NFL. On Defense, Indianapolis seems to be average, headed by shut-down corner Vontae Davis, the Colts defense should be able to play well enough to let their offense collect wins. Overall the Colts will put on an offensive clinic this season that will earn them the top seed in the AFC.
New England Patriots (2)
2014 Record: 12-4
Predicted MVP: Tom Brady
Key Offseason Acquisition: Devin McCourty
New England’s main offseason buzz circled around losing key players such as Vince Wilfork, Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, Stevan Ridley, and Shane Vereen. These losses took both starting corners, a defensive wall in Vince Wilfork and the brunt of the Patriots running backs. That sounds like a massive set back, especially considering that New England did little to improve the positions that sustained the loses, so why are the Patriots a two seed? Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The Patriots have never missed the playoffs when Tom Brady started the entire season, and they have only had one losing record under Belichick and after that season they won a super bowl. This dynamic duo seems to be able to win regardless of the circumstances, and that will be no different in 2015. The Patriots still boast a formidable linebacking core with Dont’a Hightower, Jerod Mayo, and Jamie Collins which should hold their defense together despite it’s lack of cornerbacks. The Patriots also bring back Pro-Bowl safety Devin McCourty to shore up an otherwise unproven secondary. On offense the Patriots have Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski as weapons for Tom Brady, but the Patriots run game need a start back to emerge if it wants to be relevant in the 2015 season. The Patriots may not have the most star-studded roster in the NFL but their mixture of veterans, talent, and Brady will be enough for them to earn a two seed.
Pittsburgh Steelers (3)
2014 Record: 11-5
Predicted MVP: Antonio Brown
Key Offseason Acquisition:
Despite an aging defense, the Steelers flourished in the AFC North last season. Look for that trend to continue as Pittsburg returns many starters and despite the loss of Troy Polamalu in the offseason, the Steelers defense will continue to plod along behind veterans James Harrison and Ike Taylor. The Steelers offense includes speedster Antonio Brown who ended last season with the most receiving yards in the NFL and Ben Roethlisberger who continues to be a force throwing the ball and who is nearly impossible to bring down in the pocket. Former rookie Le’Veon Bell also returns. Bell burst onto the scene last year and should continue his upward trend this season despite being suspended for the first three games. Offense will most definitely carry the Steelers through a mediocre NFC North on their path to becoming a three seed in the NFL playoffs.
Kansas City Chiefs (4)
2014 Record: 9-7
Predicted MVP: Justin Houston
Key Offseason Acquisition: Jeremy Maclin
The Kansas City Chiefs are a team who can improve a lot in the passing game in 2015. They weren’t awful, Alex Smith posted the league’s 11th best completion percentage and the tight ends proved to be very efficient pass catchers. The main reason they can improve is that the Chiefs became the first team since 1964 to not score a single touchdown with a wide receiver. Despite this lack of wide out production, the Chiefs still managed a 9-7 record. Now that the Chiefs have addressed the wide receiver issue by signing Jeremy Maclin, look for their offense to kick start as they no longer have to rely on a explosive yet inconsistent Jamaal Charles. On defense the Chiefs employ five time pro-bowler in Tamba Hali, the 2014 NFL sack leader in Justin Houston and two time Pro-Bowler Dontari Poe. This combination of an offense that should be much improved and a stellar defense will lead the Chiefs into the 3rd seed in the AFC.
Buffalo Bills (5)
2014 Record: 9-7
Predicted MVP: LeSean McCoy
Key Offseason Acquisition: LeSean McCoy
The Buffalo Bills snuck under many people’s radars in 2014 and gained a respectable 9-7 record despite much skepticism. Now the Bills are in prime position to snag their first playoff appearance since 1999. In the offseason the Bills signed proven coach Rex Ryan along with adding running back LeSean McCoy. The addition of McCoy, a two time Pro-Bowler will aid the Bills offense and take pressure off of which ever quarterback emerges to lead the Bills offense. On defense the Bills have veteran linebacker Brandon Spikes, first team All-Pro defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, and four time pro-bowler Kyle Williams. The talent in the box on defense should help take attention away from an ailing secondary to create a respectable defense. Combine that with what should be a good running game and a much improved passing game and you’ve got the recipe for a NFL playoff team.
Denver Broncos (6)
2014 Record: 12-4
Predicted MVP: Peyton Manning
Key Offseason Acquisition: Demaryius Thomas
Denver was hit especially hard in the offseason. This years offseason resulted in Peyton Manning losing not only veteran wide receiver Wes Welker, but also Julius Thomas. This will result in a slower offense than in previous years that will rely on the running game more than ever before. Denver’s defense is also going to be much less effective than it was last year when it ranked 3rd in the NFL. Their defense that includes veterans Demarcus Ware and Aqib Talib is aging and soon may not be able to compete with a league that is becoming faster and faster. Overall Denver is falling, signing veterans is catching up to the front office as it is forced to watch it’s once brilliant squad age into irrelevance. Despite the depressing future that may await Denver in the future, it will have enough to make it to this years NFL playoffs, even if it is their last for a little while.
Seattle Seahawks (1)
2014 Record: 12-4
Predicted MVP: Marshawn Lynch
Key Offseason Acquisition: Jimmy Graham
Simply put, the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC.  Offensively, with the acquisition of Jimmy Graham, Russell Martin, alongside Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, will have no trouble moving the ball even without a talented receiving core.  Defensively, Seattle boasts a juggernaut.  The Legion of Boom in the secondary will make it extremely difficult for quarterbacks to complete big yardage passes throughout the season.  Furthermore, a talented front four and linebacking core makes it difficult for teams to establish any sort of running game.  The back-to-back reigning NFC champs look to dominate the regular season once again.
Green Bay Packers (2)
2014 Record: 12-4
Predicted MVP: Aaron Rodgers
Key Offseason Acquisition: Randall Cobb
The Packers may be the most experienced team in the league.  Defensively, however, experience can translate to sluggishness and an ability to close out games.  But with Aaron Rodgers on the other side of the ball, the Packers have the ability to stay in every game.  Although Rodgers passes behind a shaky o-line, and a nearly non existent run game makes the team slightly one-dimensional, Rodgers will be able to keep his team in games by finding Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson.
Carolina Panthers (3)
2014 Record: 12-4
Predicted MVP: Luke Kuechly, Kelvin Benjamin
Key Offseason Acquisition: Charles Tillman
Cam Newton is still developing as a passer and a runner, however, the defense, led by Luke Kuechly, is becoming a prime defense in the NFL.  On paper, the Panthers are extremely average: a good receiving core, headed by Kelvin Benjamin, will be successful if Newton is able to make consistently quality passes and reads from the pocket.  Carolina primarily makes the playoffs because of the lack of competition in the NFC South.
Dallas Cowboys (4)
2014 Record: 12-4
Predicted MVP: Tyrone Smith
Key Offseason Acquisition: Greg Hardy
Despite losing Demarco Murray, the Cowboys still boast a premier offensive line which will allow for Darren McFadden to still put up good numbers on the ground.  Tony Romo, coming off a terrific 2014 season in which he was best in the NFL in QBR, is surrounded by decent receivers in Terrance Williams and Dez Bryant, and his reliable TE Jason Witten. They will manage to score a decent amount of points and will win several games as the defense, which now features a bolstered secondary, can keep them in games.
Detroit Lions (5)
2014 Record: 11-5
Predicted MVP: Ezekiel Ansah
Key Offseason Acquisition: Haloti Ngata
Built around offense and an underrated defense, the Detroit Lions can turn heads in 2015.  Out of the backfield, powerful RB Joique Bell can squeeze out tough yards and block for his QB Matthew Stafford. Stafford, although still evolving as a passer, is surrounded by to two talented receivers Golden Tate and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson and can easily shred the weak NFC North secondaries.  The defense quietly placed second in yards allowed and third in points allowed and will compliment the high flying offense.  As the Lions continue to grow from last year, the exciting offense and sound defense will push Detroit into the playoffs.
Arizona Cardinals (6)
2014 Record: 11-5
Predicted MVP: Patrick Peterson
Key Offseason Acquisition: Mike Iupati
In 2014, the Cardinals played extremely well without the presence of a star player.  They look to continue the trend in 2015.  A healthy Andre Ellington can pose a threat out of the backfield while a healthy Carson Palmer can also cause problems for lots of defenses.  Despite not having the presence of a talented receiver, although veteran Larry Fitzgerald and young Michael Floyd are both good options, the Cardinals offense, pending injury, will be a well-balanced attack.  The Cardinals defense, which placed fifth in points allowed, looks to continue its strong play behind LB Alex Okafor and the impressive secondary.  The combination of a consistent offense and a stout defense will lead to a dangerous six-seed team in the playoffs.
The Games:
The Matchups:
Carolina Panthers (3) vs. Arizona Cardinals (6)
Two of the best defenses in the league come together in the wild card matchup.  average defense, ranking 15th in the NFL, and 4-time pro-bowler, WR A.J. Green. But the rest of the receiving core is mediocre, as is quarterback Andy Dalton. The Bengals backfield is headed by RB Jeremy Hill (1,124 yards) who burst onto the seen in 2014.  Though Hill may continue his dominance on the ground, the air game will falter and the Bengals will barely miss a wild card spot.
Dallas Cowboys (4) vs. Detroit Lions (5)
The Cowboys and Lions meet in a matchup that clashes high-flying passers and consistent secondaries.  However, in this match, Stafford and the Lions’ offense blows by the Cowboys’ defense with ease.  Out of the gates, Romo (once again) cannot perform in the postseason, and throws two interceptions in the first half.  Meanwhile, Stafford connects with Calvin Johnson throughout the game, and Joique Bell consistently picks up tough yards to put points on the board.  Ultimately, Stafford powers the Lions, and Romo brings down the Cowboys, with evaluates to a Lions’ blow out victory of the Cowboys in Jerry’s World.
Kansas City (4) vs. Buffalo (5)
The Chiefs and Bills meet in a battle of star running backs and defensive stamina.  Both Lesean McCoy and Jamaal Charles explode, but the Chiefs are able to exploit the Bills with timely play-action passes.  Throughout the game, however, the Bills become very one-dimensional and the Chiefs defense is able to come up with big third down stops down the stretch.  Alex Smith is able to do just enough, and connects with Jeremy Maclin for a touchdown pass.  In the end, the Chiefs prevail by wearing down the Bills’ defense, while Kansas City’s defense is able to stymie Buffalo’s offense in the second half.  Both running backs have a field day, but the Chiefs outscore the Bills in a close, high-scoring game.
Pittsburgh (3) vs. Denver (6)
In a matchup of veteran quarterbacks, the rugged running game of the Steelers is the factor that allows for a PIttsburgh victory.  Manning and Roethlisberger are neck and neck in offensive production, as both tally big yards and two touchdowns.  However, in the second half, the aging Denver defense cannot answer Le’veon Bell and the Pittsburgh run game.  Key fourth quarter mistakes, in the form of blown coverages and missed tackles, allows for the Steelers to pull away.  Furthermore, Manning is unable to produce, as the Broncos become one-dimensional without a productive running back, and the the Steelers swarms the lackluster receivers afforded to Peyton Manning.
Seattle Seahawks (1) vs. Arizona Cardinals (6)
In this matchup of divisional foes, the Seahawks electric offense faces the secondary lead defense of the Cardinals. The Cardinals defense will come into this game without anyone to matchup with jimmy Graham. Patrick Peterson and the Arizona secondary should be able to shut down the mediocre Seattle wide receivers, but the whole up the middle left by Darnell Dockett’s departure will help Marshawn lynch have a field day. The Seattle defense should have a great day as well. a lacking Arizona offense should contribute to a stellar defensive performance by the Seahawks. This combination of both offensive and defensive obliteration will lead to a Seattle victory.
Green Bay Packers (2) vs. Detroit Lions (5)
Detroit capped off their wild card weekend by beating the team that defeated them in 2014, the Dallas cowboys, but the road for Detroit stops in Green Bay. The Detroit offense is able to move the ball against an above average defense, but a secondary with holes at the cornerback position is unable to stop Aaron Rodgers. While the Green Bay passing offense is high-flying, their ground game is rolling against a lions defensive line that lost three key players in the offseason. this inability to stop the Packers offense by the Lions leads to a close Green Bay victory.
Indianapolis Colts (1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (5)
In this AFC matchup, the Colts, powered by Andrew Luck, requires none of their quarterback’s namesake to advance to the championship round.  Buffalo is overpowered by T.Y. Hilton and the Colts’ receivers, as Luck carves the secondary.  Although they are able to slow Frank Gore in the first have, the veteran running back picks up big third downs in the second half, which leads to an offensive clinic put on by the Colts. Meanwhile, the Colts secondary is able to shut down the Bills pass game, forcing them to become one-dimensional.  Although McCoy does provide an offensive spark, the Bills are unable to come back from the first half lead set by the Colts.  

New England Patriots (2) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (3)
Similar to the previous week, Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger goes head to head with a future hall of famer in Tom Brady.  In this match, however, Big Ben is unable to come up on top.  Brady is able to pick apart an aging Pittsburgh defense and Rob Gronkowski runs circles around a secondary that fails to be physical, and a slow, sluggish linebacker core.  Meanwhile the Patriots linebackers are able to pressure Ben Roethlisberger just enough to slow him down, and Le’veon Bell is unable to carry the team.  In the end, the Patriots defense forces just enough stops to lead to a victory for the defending Super Bowl Champs.
Seattle Seahawks (1) vs. Green Bay Packers (2)
Chalk wins out to pit these two NFL super powers against each other in a rematch of last years NFC Championship game. The story of this game is the inability of the Packers defense to cope with the electric offense that resides in Seattle. The Packers aging players in the box are unable to stop Lynch’s powerful running game and, although Green bay’s secondary is respectable, it is unable to deal with both the receivers and Wilson’s mobility. so though the Packers stellar offense and the Seahawks elite defense are relatively evenly matched, the Packers defense gives way, leading to the Seahawks third trip to the superbowl in as many years.
Indianapolis Colts (1) vs. New England Patriots (2)
In this classic matchup, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history faces a young, extremely talented QB who could potentially carry the same title.  In this matchup, however, the young defeats the old.  Andrew Luck is able to carve the inexperienced Patriots secondary, as Andre Johnson makes several impressive catches, along with T.Y. Hilton.  Tom Brady has time in the pocket, but he is unable to find receivers in the blanket supplied by the Colts secondary, and a superior defensive scheme holds Gronkowski to minimal yardage and damage.  The key, however, is the run game, as the Pats are unable to produce on the ground, while New England’s lacking interior is ravaged by Frank Gore.
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.09.33 PM
Indianapolis Colts vs. Seattle Seahawks
This Super Bowl features Seattle, who will be in their third straight super bowl, and Indianapolis who hasn’t made it to the big game since the lost to New Orleans in  2009. The highlight of this game will be the Colts electric offense facing off against the Seahawks shut-down defense. The Seahawks have had the number one defense in terms of yards per game for the last two years, so they’re no slouch. On the other side, the Colts boasted the best passing offense last season racking up 305 yards per game. The Colts will look to improve on that stellar performance with the addition of veterans Andre Johnson in the passing game, and Frank Gore in the running game. Look for the versatility of the Colts offense to win out between these two elite squads, while the Colts defense should be able to hang with a speedy Seahawks offense. The Colts offense will roll and their defense will hold on just enough for the win.
2016 Super Bowl Champions:  Indianapolis Colts
 Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.08.09 PM
By: Ji-Ho Lee and Elliot Bones