‘Hot Pursuit’ offers fun, comedic romp


Nikki Briggs

Hot Pursuit  stars Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Wild) and Sofía Vergara (“Modern Family,” The Three Stooges). Witherspoon plays Officer Cooper, an ‘intense’ and clumsy policewoman,  and Vegara plays Mrs.Riva, a high maintenance widow. It is Officer Cooper’s duty to transport her to testify against Vincente Corteez, a big drug lord (played by Joaquín Cosio).
Along the way these  two totally opposite women encounter difficult obstacles. Between Officer Cooper being a strict clumsy police officer and Mrs.Riva being a stubborn, hard to please,trophy wife who won’t go anywhere with her  suitcase full of shoes, these conflicts they face becomes an hilarious comedy.
On this funny journey both women  experience disagreement and an emotional argument as they let down their guard and discover the honest truth about each other. However they come to realize that the ones they trusted can no longer be trusted as well as each other.
I really enjoy the screenplay. The movie starts on Office Cooper. And shows  the process of Officer Cooper’s character growing up in the back of her dad’s police  car. Based on that You were given an idea of how her character was created. Literally just by  watching them really shows you who the characters are. Officer cooper with her formal police uniform, stiff walk and then Mrs.Riva and her short dress strutting in high heels.  However, this movies wasn’t perfect. Even though the movie, itself was funny the movie fail at being an action movie. With this comedy being a failed action movie it made the romance that they attempted to squeeze in even more awkward. The “romance” was unrealistic. I would describe it as an elementary school relationship.
I give this movie 3/5  stars, even though it was I bit cliché I enjoyed every second of it.  If you like movies similar to The Heat, Identity Theft or 21 Jump Street you would enjoy Hot Pursuit. The movie kept the whole audience laughing. There was barely five minutes between each laugh. Next we were watching intensely to see how it all played out.If you like a little police comedy  Hot Pursuit is the movie to see!