A thousand sights to see


art by Maddy Mueller

Alice Yu

A patron of brewers, Saint Augustine of Hippo converted to Catholicism from a life of partying and entertainment. He serves as an inspiration and guiding figure to those who wish to break away from vices or habits. After his conversion Augustine became a priest, a bishop, a famous and a Catholic writer, becoming a prominent force in the Catholic Church. His feast day is August 28.
Ironically, I’m not a seasoned traveler. I’ve only been to four countries, including the U.S. Two of the four are neighbors of the U.S. — Canada and Mexico, but without a doubt, my future plans include traveling outside the limits of Columbia and outside the borders of the U.S.
I’m lucky enough to be able to travel during my breaks. From resorts to large cities to amusement parks, I’ve been exposed to atmospheres that allow me to see my life through different lens. I’ve lived in Taipei for weeks at a time and it still amazes me how connected the city feels. The neon lights and the flood of cars and humans oddly makes me feel like as if I’m part of a greater social movement. I don’t know the people who walk past me, but it’s as if we’re all connected to the heart of the city.
My time at Hilton Head Island was punctuated with the calm of the shopfronts and the beauty of the ocean. Sitting with friends and family on adirondack chairs, we watched as the sun crept behind the waves. Compared to the buzz of a population constantly moving forward and the peppiness of a college town, Hilton Head offered a life of lulling melodies and attitudes.
I want to experience moonlight walks in the streets of London and traverse across Erg Chebbi in Morocco. I want to walk across Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia before the salt land dries up. I yearn to swim in the Waitomo Glowworm caves and watch the bioluminescent creatures float past me. I want to take a trip down Flathead Lake in Montana and be astounded by the clarity of the water. I want to soak in all the beauty Earth has to offer and let it speak to my soul.
It’s no secret that the world is full of distinct cultures and diverse views. Every window offers a different perspective of the world and every path leads to a new experience. There’s only so much time we all have to experience the world and learn the ways of others. With every new place we travel to, we get a fuller picture of what our bountiful Earth has to offer to us and the further we get in Earth’s story.
As seniors are getting ready to step into a new era of their life, whether it be with collegiate studies or towards work experience, I encourage all departing seniors to take time to enjoy the world and its diversity. Don’t ever settle for one continuous view of the world. Make sure to change the view out your window at least once, not only to understand the differences in our one world, but to also open your soul to the beauty of life. The world is indeed a book and it’s up to us to turn to the next page.
Farewell and mazel tov!
By Alice Yu