Apps of the Week: Yelp, Tiny Wings and Bump


Renata Poet Williams

New apps come out daily; sometimes it almost seems by the hour. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few that shouldn’t escape your attention this week.
Yelp (productivity)
YelpLast week, I had to take a trip to visit colleges in Iowa with my mom and I downloaded Yelp in hopes that it’d help me find a fast food place on the road. Little did I know, Yelp was such a helpful app. You not only can find a wide range of places, but it’ll follow your location through GPS and show you where you’re headed and what’s infront or behind you. I was able to follow the highway we were taking to find a place on the way and then once I found what I was looking for, I was able to set my GPS to take us there. Along with finding a place to eat, we found an auto shop to buy new windshield wipers. Yelp has so many helpful features that makes it an app necessary for anyone who is travelling. I would definitely recommend this as anyone’s next download because even if you just use it once, it’ll help a lot.
Available in the App Store and the Google Play Store
Tiny Wings (games)
Tiny WingsWhile trying to find an app to satisfy my boredom, I came across an app I used to play all the time: Tiny Wings. It’s revolves around a bird whose wings are “too tiny” to fly. You play the game by tapping and holding the screen and you use hills to gain speed and flap longer. There are different obstacles depending on which islands you reach and it’s essentially all about timing your taps right. If you’re doing well, the day will stay long, but as you start to mess up, the night creeps up on you and once it reaches, that turn is over. The best part about this game is how simple it is, but entertaining. You get unlimited chances and you achieve goals as you go. I used to be addicted to this game and I am so happy I found it again. It’s a game that is actually fun and can be played by anyone.
Available in the App Store
Bump – Social Reminders (productivity)
BumpThis app really intrigued my interest because I have such a forgetful brain. It’s basically an app where you can remind not only yourself, but others as well. Currently, I don’t have any friends that I can bump because none of my friends have the app, but it’s fairly new and I’m hoping to get more people on it. There are so many times people have asked me to remind them to do something, but it’s hard for me to remember to do that, so if I could set a reminder right then in there to send to them, it’d be great. This is why it intrigued me because I can use the app already downloaded on my phone to remind myself. The look of the app is sleek and overall it’s very easy to navigate and set up and I have a feeling that this app may spark the interest of many once the word gets out there.
Available in the App Store
By Renata Williams