Apps of the Week: Hay Day, BuzzFeed and Dreamdays


Renata Poet Williams

New apps come out daily; sometimes it almost seems by the hour. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few that shouldn’t escape your attention this week.
Hay Day (Games)
haydayOver the weekend, I found myself with extreme insomnia. To keep myself entertained, I downloaded Hay Day again. I used to play this game constantly, but I played it so much, I fell out of interest with it. To my surprise, though, I was able to load my old game, so I didn’t lose a single bit of progress. Essentially, Hay Day is a farming game where you have crops, animals and different machines you can purchase along the way. As you level up, you can unlock different places such as the fishing area and the boat. It’s for all the Farmville lovers out there that want a good game to play on the iPad or any tablet. I’ve played both and Hay Day is so much better overall. It’s got smoother play, it’s more entertaining and it’s more customizable. Hay Day is one of those games you play to have a better looking farm, not to be entertained for hours on end. I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are trying to find a game to play for instant entertainment, but for those looking to find a game to come back to every day.
Available in the App Store and Google Play Store for free.
BuzzFeed (Entertainment)
I know I am not the only one out there who finds guilty pleasure in BuzzFeed stories, which is why this app is on my list of Apps of the Week. It is a plethora of BuzzFeed stories, all in one app. You can scroll through article after article, or you can choose from categories. It’s true entertainment in such an easy way. I have found myself bored waiting in line and I just whip out my phone, open this app and waiting no longer crosses my mind. Of course, most BuzzFeed followers have this app, but I would recommend this to just about anyone. You can’t go wrong with an app like this because it doesn’t take up much space, but can be useful or entertaining.
Available in the App Store and Google Play Store for free.
Dreamdays (Productivity)
Since it’s my senior year, I have been counting down a few events- my 18th birthday, graduation and more. I figured I could take a pen to my wall calendar and countdown the days that way, or I could find an app to do it for me. Obviously, I chose the easier option of finding an app. On my voyage, I downloaded 5+ apps, deleted some and re-downloaded a couple again, until I found the perfect free app. Dreamdays was the most eye appealing one that did the job just fine. Unlike the other free countdown apps, Dreamdays apps weren’t as overbearing. Also, a huge positive to this app, there is the ability to change the background for each event. Of course this isn’t an app for everyone, but for the countdowners like me, I’d definitely recommend Dreamdays.
Available in the App Store and Google Play Store for free.
By Renata Williams