Good For You: Success in the New Year


Photo by Grace Vance

Grace Vance

It is finally 2015 and if you believe in the “New Year, New You” mantra, then you might have a few resolutions you want to achieve this year. But when I think of a New Year’s resolution, my mind usually envisions people coming up with impossible and far fetched goals for themselves. Despite this, I also think a resolution can be the perfect turning point for people to start incorporating new foods into their diet, eating consciously, and getting stronger to edge themselves closer into a healthier and happier lifestyle.
I like to think of a resolution as taking steps to “improve” yourself in some way, whether that be in your diet, fitness or daily habits. I love the idea of setting goals yourself into becoming a “better version” of you. There is always room for new ways to succeed no matter who you are.
It is great that so many people choose healthy eating and exercise as their New Year goals, but I think sometimes good intentions go bad, and eventually people give up before results start showing up. If you would like to see change happen and keep long lasting goals with you through 2015 and beyond, these tips are perfect for you!
First off, don’t intimidate yourself. Start with small goals that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. If you don’t have a good starting point that you can follow you are bound to fail, so having easier goals will help you tremendously. Whatever it is you want to achieve, make it seem accessible to you. This will motivate you to follow through with your plans and really see change happen. Maybe your goal is to eat healthier. Begin by having one or two healthy meals a week and see how you feel. Having too many resolutions or one huge, impossible goal will ruin your momentum and crush your mindset, which leads into my next point.
Mindset is everything. No matter how well you construct your resolution, no matter how well you might be following it, if your thoughts are negative you will never succeed. If you slip from your goals, don’t beat yourself up. Instead think of it as something to grow from. Also, don’t let your past failures distract you from focusing on what you want. In life you will mess up just like everyone else, but thinking positive thoughts will keep you on track and make you feel more accomplished with your results. I have found this to be true with almost everything in life, so it’s good to consider this any time you are disappointed with yourself.
No time? Fit it into your schedule. Move something to another day if you have to. If your resolution is important to you, it will become a priority. And if you incorporate your goal into your daily schedule, then it might just become a habit that you do without even thinking about it! I expand on this topic in one of my recent posts when talking about keeping health a priority when pressed for time.
Lastly, pace yourself. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see results as quickly as you want or slip up a few times. If change is what you want, you need to know that it takes time, especially if you are trying to break a bad habit. Just take everything day by day, and if you’re patient, you will see results quicker than you think.
Whatever your goals include, be sure to follow my tips for easy success! I hope these tips help you to follow resolutions to improve your health and enhance your life. There is nothing better than seeing the results you want and keeping on track continuously. I wish you guys a healthier and fulfilled life in 2015!
By Grace Vance
Photo by Grace Vance
What are your New Year’s resolutions to improve your health in 2015?