Student View: Winter Break


Devesh Kumar

As winter break is nearing, people feel like they need a break from school. The students have been stressing extensively for finals. After the finals, on Friday at 4:05 PM, the winter break starts. Most students are very excited, whether it is because they are going somewhere during winter break or they have the time off to sleep in everyday. This break will continue till January 5th and that will be the start of next year.

BearingNews asked students: What are your plans for Winter Break?Sophomore-Divya-Divya

“My plans for winter break-well my extended family is coming to our house so basically just going to be sitting at home, hanging out with them, and sleeping in,” Sophomore Divya Divya said.

“My brother is coming into town so we will probably play a lot of video games,” Senior Aaron Ghidey said.
“My plans are-I am going to Kansas City for a Christmas party and then I am just going to spend time at home and have a Christmas family dinner,” Freshman Jeffrey Mullen said.
“I am planning to stay home but my older brother is coming back from college to visit and we are going to have some family over too,” Sophomore Richard Shang said.
“My plans for winter break are to eat, sleep and relax! But also to use the valuable extra time to study for the SAT,” Junior Wendy Zhang said.
Written and Photos by Devesh Kumar