Soccer captures victory despite injuries


Goalkeeper Greg Kelly dives for a shot at a practice Sept. 12. Photo by Asa Lory

Hagar Gov-Ari

Goalkeeper junior Greg Kelly dives for a shot at a practice Sept. 12. Photo by Asa Lory
The varsity boys soccer team proved victorious against the Jefferson City Jays tonight, Oct. 16, with a 1-0 win.
Although the Bruins were missing at least four players because of injuries – seniors wing midfielder Thomas McCarney and center midfielder Eli Sherman and juniors defense Bailey Goeyette and center midfielder Salim Gumati – they managed to pull through.
Senior striker and wing midfielder Ryan Stanowski scored the only goal of the game for the Bruins at the end of the second half, managing to close the game with a win for RBHS.
The most valuable player tonight was Stanowski “because he scored our only goal up top,” junior goal keeper Greg Kelly said, “and was a powerhouse at forward, creating multiple opportunities on goal.”
As a direct competitor for the district championships coming up in less than two weeks, Jefferson City continuously proves to be a challenge for the Bruins; their games tend to come neck to neck, Kelly said.
The Jefferson City Jays “always come ready to play and they really gave us a run for [our] money today,” Kelly said. “They’re one of our big rivals and we were lucky today because their best forward wasn’t playing today.”
Aspiring for their next victory, Kelly claims teamwork and mutual effort is necessary in any win, and points out  places to improve.
“We need to step up our communication on the field and work more as a unit next game,” Kelly said “Or else we might not come out on top like we did today.”
By Hagar Gov-Ari