Student View: Encounters with a ghost


Devesh Kumar

As the sun falls below the horizon on Halloween, 41.1 million people all around the United States start to celebrate the night. Children go out and crowd the streets by trick-or-treating and the teens or adults have Halloween get togethers in which they preview horror films. As it gets darker, people begin to experience fear by watch the scary movies. It raises the question in people’s mind whether ghost and monsters in movies are real.
[heading] Bearing News asked students: Have you encountered a supernatural being such as a ghost or a spirit? What is your favorite part of Halloween?[/heading]

“One time I was home alone. I was maybe like a fourth grader. So I was home alone and I was walking up the steps to the other part of my house. At this point, I see a figure running across like the doorway which leads to the upper stairs. Its pitch black. This figure is humanoid in shape and has a santa hat. It just ran across. I go up and I look and I don’t see any sign of this figure at all. I would say this figure is kinda like oogie boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas except completely pitch black.”- Junior Shray Kumar
“The tradition, I guess. I just like the traditions of just like hanging out with friends and kinda going around. I kinda just like the vibe though. The creepier vibe that is kinda fun. I just love fall and candy. I like candy. Halloween parties are fun too.”- Junior Drew Fougere
“My favorite part of Halloween is probably being able to do something at night time. Its a holiday during night time. Its not centered around all during the day. As a kid, you get to do something fun at night.”- Junior Lawrence Brewer
“My favorite part of Halloween is thinking about how stupid it is. There is really no purpose in dressing up in costumes that we find suitable in our society today. It’s really just like a ploy invented by dentists like to get people to eat candy and baddened their dental health. I mean, there’s really no point. The only things associated with Halloween that are of any importance are actually bad things like crimes that go on at Halloween. It’s easy for criminals to… like… do their thing.”- Sophomore Boon Palipatana
Written and Photos by Devesh Kumar