WWFC: Autumn inspiration


Nicole Schroeder

I love autumn. The cooler weather means I can break out my scarves and sweaters once again and makes it acceptable to finally drink apple cider at any time of day, and the bright fall colors make the outside world a literal and metaphorical “breath of fresh air.” The best part of the season, though, is enjoying the comfortable temperatures by going out onto my patio or sitting under a tree in my backyard to write. There’s just something about the view of the maple trees and the various sounds of the neighborhood— cars driving past, dogs barking, kids playing a couple blocks down—that relaxes me and helps me focus on my writing.

One of my favorite spots to write is on my back porch steps, overlooking my backyard and all the neighborhood bustle around me.
photo by Nicole Schroeder

Of course, writing outside is not always the best option in fall. I wouldn’t recommend hauling your laptop out into a downpour and trying to type on a keyboard while your fingers freeze off. But, on days when the sun is shining and the smell of the leaves carries a hint of inspiration, there is no better place to let the words flow than outside.

On those days that writing outside really isn’t an option, though, all it can take to get the creative juices flowing again is a new perspective. Changing the setting in which you write lets your mind wander to new places and make new observations, which could be all you need to clear away the cobwebs and find the words you’ve been looking for.

So, my advice to you is to find your favorite hot drink: be it tea, coffee, cocoa, or (if you’re like me) apple cider with just a hint of cinnamon, grab your laptop or your pen and paper and find somewhere cozy and quiet where you don’t mind settling down for an hour or two. Go to the park or to your favorite coffee shop, somewhere you won’t be disturbed easily and can turn the bustling world around you into white noise. Then, sit down and focus on your story. You just might find the inspiration you’ve been searching for.

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 [box title=” Today’s Excerpt: ” style=”glass” box_color=”#431505″ title_color=”#e7e2da”] “I watched the side of the road as the scenery flashed by my window, slight angst prickling in my insides at the grey storm clouds that cast a dark shadow on the ground. The song, ‘Be Okay,’ played quietly on the radio, its mention of sunny summer days contrasting ironically with the cool mist that was now forming on the window. I focused my attention on the small creek I knew was coming up, praying that it wasn’t too swollen from the rain last night. Seeing that it wasn’t, I let out a sigh of relief as we passed.
“‘Well, it looks like you guys are definitely gonna get wet today,’ Mom said, flipping her windshield wipers on for a brief second to clear away the small water droplets.
“‘It looks like it,’ I agreed, glad Jessica and I had thought to grab our rain jackets before heading out this morning. We listened in silence to the sounds of wet gravel underneath the car’s tires, the overcast skies making each of us feel sleepier than usual. However, driving past the ‘car graveyard’ at the corner of Colby’s stretch of road– a lot that was filled with rusting, dilapidated vehicles that had been carelessly abandoned by their owners– Jessica and I both perked up. We scanned the pasture for any riders to confirm that class hadn’t been cancelled for the day.
“‘I wonder where everyone is,’ Jessica asked, voicing all of our thoughts as we pulled into the driveway at Walnut Slope. The gravel path was empty, with no animals or humans in sight despite the time on my phone reading 9:00 exactly.
“‘I don’t think Colby cancelled,’ Mom said, her brow furrowing in thought. As worry crept back into our minds, however, we noticed Angel coming out of the barn, zipping a jacket as she stepped out into the cool sprinkling of rain. She waved when she saw us and we quickly returned the gesture, Jessica and I grabbing our helmets and jackets to join her in looking for the horses.” [/box] By Nicole Schroeder
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