Students debate over final days of school


Logan Stichter

Typically, the last few days of the school year are known among students as relaxing days. This can also be considered a cool down of sorts after the extensive pace set by finals in the past month. However, there are also students that believe that these  school days without content should be skipped by students, and that class should end when the content does, for example senior Whitney Cravens.

“I don’t think they should attend,” Whitney says of the students. “I think school should end when the content ends. The rest is just a waste of time.”

And she can be considered right in some regards. Once finals are over few classes do more than watch movie and waste away the last few days. However, other students have a different view on it.

“I think they should, not for academics, but for fun,” sophomore Cyrus Wang said. “School is an easy place to hang out, and even if you don’t have finals, you probably have friends that do. And you don’t want to drag those friends around someplace else when they have finals. Also, you have attendance to worry about.”

So in this regard it comes down to the friends you make during the school year, and wanting to remain connected. Not to mention what missing a day might mean for you. In this, there is another opinion.

“ I personally never come to the last few days of school, and I don’t seem to be losing anything,” freshman Myles Powell said. “By this time, the teachers are as ready to be out as well as the students, so nothing really happens.”
So in the end, whether or not a student stays for the not-so-fateful final days of the school week, comes from their own personal beliefs and situations. Some, such as Wang, stay for the friends they’ve made throughout the school year. Others, such as Whitney and Myles, leave from the lack of content.
In the words of sophomore Shray Kumar: “It depends on whether or not they want closure with the random people they’ve seen all year.”
By Logan Strichter