Ode to RBHS


Ross Parks

The school’s entrance awaits more students to come and experience all that RBHS has to offer, while the current seniors now only have days until this entrance will becomes a permanent exit. Photo by Ross Parks
So long dear Rock Bridge, a young motorists’ rage
Goodbye dear Rock Bridge, you pubescent cage
Ta-ta dear Rock Bridge, to the friends I have made
Farewell to my teachers, my path you’ve helped lay
Toodles dear Rock Bridge, a place I can’t soon forget
Ciao dear Rock Bridge, and all your colorful people
and later dear Rock Bridge, there is no equal
See ya Rock Bridge, you on-ramp to life
Good riddance dear Rock Bridge, you perpetrator of strife
God-Speed dear RBHS, you transitional mess
your under staffed teachers and snobby upper class
Stay cool now Rock Bridge, you sports obsessed fiend
Pip-pip dear Rock Bridge, academics demeaned
Cheerio now Rock Bridge, and with all whom endeavor
Keep up the good work, and don’t you dare ever
Change dear Rock Bridge, because you’re better than Hickman
but that’s not saying too much
so is Battle
the end.