Songs for the summer


Ross Parks

Your headphones won’t be the only ones blasting these tracks, this summer’s music will be nothing but addictive. Photo by Ross Parks
Now that it’s hit 90 degrees, the time has come for long car rides and summer anthems. So here it is, five songs by relative genre that may soon be in your favorite summer lists. (All videos are full and or explicit versions)
This list is intended to be somewhere eclectic in nature and to respect all tastes and preferences in music. I hope that you enjoy some of what I have personally searched for and enjoyed in order to make this list as applicable to everyone who may come across it.
Pop Songs/ Party Remix
DisclosureLatch ft. Sam Smith– An undeniable catchy tune, with a beat that doesn’t give this song will be on the radio perhaps too much. Having already been in the top of the UK’s chart now for weeks, this song will undoubtedly catch on more here too.
[youtube url=””][/youtube] Calvin HarrisSummer– Seeing as the title makes it intended for this coming season, things seem good for Clavin this summer. Catchy and simply lyrics will make this a quick song to catch on.

KongosCome with me now– Very instrumental and with a strong sound this track will become popular before you know it. You’ll be following this song all summer.

SiaChandeliers – While perhaps a bit intense, this song’s passionate high parts are matched by a great underlying beat that DJ’s will hopefully toy with for a great remix. Don’t miss out on the talented young lady who dances in this video.

Walk the MoonTightrope -Anna Sun was not where it stops, turns out Walk the Moon has more to offer, and will likely end up on your summer playlist, if it isn’t there already.

Rap/ Beats
Childish Gambino3005 (Donald Glover) – Former “Community” actor, Donald Glover has delivered a rather unique and playfully serious rap album with “because of the Internet” which is likely to only get bigger.

PushaTSweet Serenade- With a pretty great chorus and a crazy good rap, this song will make great for late night cruises and parties with friends.

EminemRap God– It’s already big, so prepare for this song to only get larger and embedded in your summer playlist. Eminems most recent album has hit big with his listeners, and their numbers will ensure this song’s on the radio throughout the summer.

TnghtHigher Ground- A pretty strong beat but with a slightly obnoxious higher part makes this song a contender for this coming season. The great deep bass and instrumental rhythm create a vibe of dominance and power.

ChvurchesWe Sink– Up and coming band from Glasgow, this band offers a list of songs with a misty beat with soft female vocals. Many regard them to be one of the bands to watch this coming year, and we can only expect more from their body of work.

Indie Rock:
James BlakeRetrograde – Gaining attention from Daft Punk artists, this song and video make for some chill warm weather vibes. Don’t forget to listen to his newest album, Overgrown.

Portugal the ManPeoples Say- A nearly blues country indie song that has some catchy lyrics. Don’t miss out on other catchy singles by this upcoming artists such as Modern Jesus, with the pull of some techno beats this song also makes a great addition to any calm playlist.

ColdplaySky Full of Stars– A cool number out from their latest album, this piece will soon be a favorite of many. This song is perfect for the end to an evening out with someone you are glad the evening ended with.

The 1975Chocolate– Singing with their heavy accents, this band does offer up a catchy tune about the resilience of youth. Making themselves the third British artists to be featured on the list.

BastilleNo Angels– Not that you’d know it was them, but this song, with movie quotes inserted into the song is the same people who did the recent smash, Pompeii.