Apps of the week: Microsoft Office Mobile, Wattpad, Orbsorb

Apps of the week: Microsoft Office Mobile, Wattpad, Orbsorb

Emily Franke

New apps come out daily; sometimes it almost seems by the hour. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few that shouldn’t escape your attention this week.

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Microsoft Office Mobile

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On March 27, Microsoft decided to make four new apps for the iPad: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, all free to download under the app title “Microsoft Office Mobile”. All  four apps hit the top charts within a day and have stayed ever since.

The most useful app I see is Microsoft Office Word which, in comparison to other word processing systems made for the iPad, is very wonderful. It has most of the necessary capabilities needed for Word on the computer, with the ability to change the font to over 100 fonts, to change font size, boldness and underline and italicize words.

To be honest, it took Microsoft long enough to finally decide to release Word, along with the others, for Apple devices. I read some of the reviews, and many of them don’t talk about the capabilities of the word-processing system, but rather talk about the difficulty in sharing documents through Dropbox or other cloud storage options and the difficulty with printing from the app.

Hopefully, within the next few updates, Microsoft will add those major capabilities to their newly released apps.

Available on Google Play and the App Store.

By Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

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For anyone those who like to read, or wants to read more, this is a great app to get started. It’s an app full of free books that different people submit. It allows you to search through collections depending on what you like to read and you can save those books for later. There are, of course, a lot of books that just don’t look appealing, but just as you would in a bookstore, you find that one book that catches your eye. The actual reading is easy, you flip through just like a book. It keeps everything on one device which is handy for reading multiple books, but it also is free, which is the best thing about this app to me. I’d recommend it for first time ebook readers because you don’t have to make the investment to buy books but you still get the feel of whether you like ebook reading or not.

Available in Google Play and App Store

By Renata Williams

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While most games seem like new spins on popular ideas, Orbsorb provides a new set of rules to the screen. The goal in Orbsorb is to either absorb small balls the same color as the center orb or destroy balls of different colors. More absorbed balls means more points.
This simple task doesn’t necessarily provide hours of entertainment, yet the game has easy controls that make it an option in any setting, be it car, bus or just at home. Not many games I find offer such versatility. Also, Orbsorb does not take too much attention to control, so it is an easy option to occupy time without closing out friends during lunch or teachers during class.
Available on the App Store.
By Emily Franke