Homecoming day three


Judging door decs, Krista Albrecht, activities secretary and Melissa Coil, student support coordinator, tour the school looking at sophomore door decs. They were riding a custodial waxing tool. Photo by Asa Lory

Wednesday – Rock Bridge Elementary
The spirit week theme for Wednesday invited the student body to dress in red and step back in time to their elementary years. Candidates took a trip to Rock Bridge Elementary School during the day to interact with and help out children.
[nggallery id=149] Photos by Maddy Jones
Lunch Activity
Today, it was competition time. Queen candidates and their escorts were split into two groups of 10 and asked to complete several tasks, including balancing an egg on a spoon, jump roping together, crab walking, crawling on the floor and bobbing for apples.
The winner from each group moved on to the finals, where seniors Sydney Strong and Bret Weise won the competition after finishing off a cereal necklace made from Fruit Loops.
[nggallery id=148] Photos by Aniqa Rahman
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sipQCqFvsUc&feature=youtu.be] Video by Urmila Kutikkad