Mindless traffic

Ross Parks

TEXTNSDirections: This test contains one passage, followed by several questions. After reading the passage, select the best answer to each question and mentally fill in the corresponding oval. You are allowed to refer to the passage while answering the questions.
You fire up the engine, but your car’s hum is not alone, but only a single pitch among the symphony lot’s occupants and their own instrument of travel. Each of which are switching gears as they strap in. The Oklahoma Sooners have beaten you, but it should be okay, as you look down to buckle in, the line is still relatively short. However, as you back up and look toward the singular exit that leads to your escape. Multiplication at  amoebic proportions has occurred and the line to retreat has been clogged by the sickly germs that is other people’s cars. You have failed, my son.
You resign and glance at the clock, it’s eight past four and you are three feet from your parking spot, countless people have been let in/out and made their own way but you’re stuck behind a passive Samaritan that receives their giggles from letting other people go before him. Giving up, you decide that you might as well listen to some music before you risk your life crossing Providence or getting on Nifong, and accept you’re going to be late to anywhere you were planning to go.
The preceding was an excerpt from, “The time that wasted me” by Dejected Learner written in 2014
1.) About how many times a week do you wish Rock bridge had more than four entrances and exits for students and parents?
(A) 5, don’t even get me started
(B) 4, it really bugs me
(C) 7, I dream about it
(D) 3>, I’m mother Teresa
2.) How many people have you been close to harming simply with a look?
(A) I practice death glares in the mirror
(B) I have caught my own reflection and jumped
(C) Bears have submitted in my presence when I stare someone down
(D) I make flowers bloom when I smile/ nothing gets to me
3.) If CPS could invest a few dollars in improving the exits and surrounding roads, I wouldn’t fear for my life when I left school.
(A) Please do
(B) It would be nice, but I kinda like the adrenaline rush
(C) I don’t go that way, I like life
(D) I park there periodically, just to see what happens….ya know
4.) You’ve been late to work, or any necessary destination because you simply could not exit the parking lot in less than a half-hour.
(A) Nearly every day
(B) I just wait at school, if I’m late so what
(C) I don’t drive, but my mom excuses me so we’re not
(D) Couldn’t tell you, I sleep here
If you have yet to notice, or you’re not sure how or why you’re reading this at the moment this all has been a mock survey/test. However, the message is not a joke, not a moody complaint, but a genuine plea, for the mere consideration that RBHS seriously look at its options for improving this sitution. When coupled with the late release times, (something which I like by the way) the situation that is the mass exudes of parents, students, and teachers from RBHS  with what becomes 5 o’clock traffic, things not only become needlessly congested but simply dangerous. It is not only mine, but I feel, the wish of everyone to improve this situation.