Tips to ease, satisfy shoppers

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Renata Poet Williams

Sometimes shopping can seem overwhelming when being just thrown into it. There’s an art to saving the most money while still getting what you need. I, like any other shopper, have developed a few routines when out spending money to ensure that I will be pleased with every purchase. Here are my top 7 tips to clothes, shoes and accessories shopping.

Photo by Renata Williams
Keep your receipts in a box for safe keeping. Photo by Renata Williams
1. Have a budget. No matter what, go into a store knowing how much you are willing to spend and don’t go over that. The easiest way to over spend is by not setting a limit for yourself initially.
2. Know your wants and your “needs.” If you are shopping for jeans or sweaters, make sure you get these essentials before spending your budget on the things that just happen to catch your eye. Often times, the non-essential items are the ones that’ll eat your budget up really quick.
3. Check out sales before. This is one of the best ways to find sales that stores don’t necessarily post visually inside their store. I love taking a marker and circling deals that grab me and once I’ve done that, I cut out the sales from the stores I actually will be going to and take them along with me.
4. Shop the clearance racks. Although this may seem obvious, it’s a tip that I always follow. Before I even shop the regular prices, I shop clearance very thoroughly. On a clearance rack, you have to be willing to dig and be disappointed because your size will not always be there. My favorite part about clearance shopping is finding that deal that is way too good to be true. There’s nothing like getting a top for $2.
5. Stay in a store for at least 15 minutes. Not only would I recommend staying in the store for this long so you can find good deals, but it’s also great to give you time to reflect on the things you have picked out; potentially providing an opportunity to put back some items that no longer look as good.
6. Keep your receipts. I keep a receipt box in my room and anytime I shop, I throw my receipts in there. It’s no fun when you want to return something and you don’t have the receipt, because let’s face it, nobody really wants store credit.
7. Don’t be afraid to return. There have been many-a-time that I have bought something, gone shopping in a few other stores, then returned an item that I just bought 40 minutes before. Sometimes minds change, or you find something else you like better but you don’t want to go over budget. This is why returning is great. You’re shopping to satisfy yourself, or whoever your shopping for, and a dollar or two can make a huge difference when it comes to shopping.
By Renata Williams
What tips do go by when you’re out shopping?