Four tunes compete for the ‘Best Original Song’ Oscar

Four tunes compete for the Best Original Song Oscar

Sophie Whyte

[heading size=”25″ margin=”10″]Best Original Song[/heading] [tabs] [tab title=”Happy”] Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 12.16.51 AMHappy

Everyone has good days. Days when everything seems to be going right, the sun is shining bright outside, and nothing can ruin that feeling of internal joy. “Happy” is the perfect song to listen to on those days. It’s a song that is guaranteed to lift up your spirits if you feel down in the dumps or will simply make you appreciate the great day you’re having.

Written and sung by Pharrell Williams, the song has upbeat lyrics like “It might seem crazy what I’m about to say, sunshine she’s here, you can take away; I’m a hot air balloon, I could go to space, with the air, like I don’t care baby by the way.” In the Oscar-nominated animated movie “Despicable Me 2”, the song helps change the tone of the film from unsure to joyful quickly and smoothly.

In movies, music is meant to express the main characters’ emotions and reach out to the audience, and “Happy” definitely did just that. When I was watching the film myself, I fell in love with the catchy, upbeat melody right away.

Clearly meant to lift spirits and convey no other emotion besides sheer joy, the lyrics are short and simple, though somewhat repetitive throughout the song. Thankfully though, the music itself is enough to make this song as instant classic, and possibly an instant Academy Award winner.

Listen to the song here.

By Afsah Khan

What are your thoughts on the song Happy?
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Let it Go

Idina Menzel has one of the strongest voices on Broadway, so her voice paired with the glorious composition and lyrics of “Let it Go” equals perfection. The song is featured as a major turning point in the movie Frozen. Elsa, one of the main protagonists, celebrates her new-found freedom in a beautifully sung and animated scene.
This scene shows the transformation of Elsa from restrained and hidden to powerful and confident. It is amazing to see Elsa’s display of snow and ice manipulation alongside an empowering musical number. I especially love the soft piano intro that crescendos into the dramatic melody of various instruments.
The song is not only catchy, but inspiring for viewers of all ages. It encourages the acceptance of one’s self, which is particularly hard to do if you have been ostracized in the way that Elsa was. Her parents, although loving, told her to restrain herself, to “conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.” This song is where Elsa’s true voice shines through to prove to herself that she could let go of her fears.
“Let it Go” provides a gorgeous melody that accompanies an incredible movie. It’s no surprise that this song has been nominated for “Best Original Song” for the Oscars this weekend.  It’s taken the world by storm, being recorded in various languages and by several famous artists, like Demi Lovato and Hyorin. I hope to see this song take the Oscar, since it’s more than deserving.
Listen to the song here.
By Sophie Whyte
What’s your favorite song from Frozen?
[/tab] [tab title=”The Moon Song”] Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 6.58.41 PMThe Moon Song

With a concept that’s as original as the song itself, “The Moon Song” is a serious contender for an Academy Award. Although the concept is simple — the song is a guitar duet in the Oscar-nominated film “Her” — it is made interesting by the fact that it is depicted as a duet not between man and woman, but man and computer. Since “Her” is about a man who falls in love with his computer voicing system, the concept fits perfectly.

Sung by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ front-woman Karen O. and Vampire Weekend front-man Ezra Koenig, “The Moon Song” might be the first love song of its kind. With a slow melody and lyrics like “We’re lying on the moon, it’s a perfect afternoon; your shadow follows me all day making sure that I’m okay and we’re a million miles away,” it’s easy for the listener to put themselves in the main character’s shoes for a moment and understand the pain of never being able to be with the one he loves. No matter how hard he tries, he will always be “a million miles away,” as the song says.

“The Moon Song” is, overall, the perfect slow song. It combines surprisingly simple lyrics and a sweet yet sad melody to create a masterpiece that hides a hidden message of pain underneath. The duet is definitely a strong contestant in the Best Original Song category.
Listen to the song here.
By Afsah Khan

What do you think of The Moon Song?
[/tab] [tab title=”Ordinary Love”] Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 6.58.24 PMOrdinary Love

After winning a Golden Globe for the song, “Ordinary Love,” it’s no surprise that U2 is up for the Best Original Song award at the Oscars. Featured in the film, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, this song not only conveys a significant meaning, but it also does so in a striking manner. The song features an upbeat tune that instantly grabs the attention of the listeners, thus complimenting the film spectacularly. With meaningful lyrics, including “I can’t fight you anymore, it’s you I’m fighting for,” the content of the song correlates with the film it is performed in, made for a powerful man who conveyed a powerful message during his memorable lifetime.

The raspy vocals that are featured in the beginning of the song slowly ease the listener into a more high-pitched and fast-paced beat that the song later comprises. The song carries out a story, from a soft tone to more upbeat like an introduction building to a stronger climax. “Ordinary Love” has a mesmerizing ability to draw the audience in and keep a strong hold on that attention throughout the song. In addition to the lyrics and vocals “Ordinary Love” embraces a perfect balance of instrumental music that doesn’t overpower the actual singing. “Ordinary Love” is a spectacular song that truly does justice to the legacy of Nelson Mandela, as featured in the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. “Ordinary Love,” lives up to its nominated title of Best Original Song, and I look forward to seeing this song win the Oscar it undoubtedly deserves.

Listen to the song here.
By Manal Salim

What do you think of Ordinary Love?
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