DIY pearl bobby pins


photo by Manal Salim

Manal Salim

photo by Manal Salim
photo by Manal Salim

With the holidays fast approaching, there have been countless numbers of pins dedicated to Christmas crafts, hairstyles, fashion, food, and so much more. However, the pin that grabbed my attention wasn’t the one that blatantly seemed to be totally Christmas-related, but rather was a simple hair accessory that I could see anyone incorporating into their wardrobe this holiday season. I decided to make these DIY pearl bobby pins for my younger sisters, and the simplicity of these cute, easy accessories provided for a quick gift that they love and already use on a regular basis. However, this accessory isn’t just for younger girls, as in the photo on the pin, a woman was modeling this accessory to accent her complex holiday braid.

You will need:

·        A couple pearls or beads

·        Bobby pins that match your hair color

·        Hot glue sticks

·        Hot glue gun

photo by Manal Salim
photo by Manal Salim

To make these bobby pins:

1. First, place a hot glue stick into the hot glue gun, and plug in the hot glue gun to allow it to heat up.

2. Next, take a pearl or bead of any size, and place a small drop of hot glue onto it. Place the pearl with the hot glue onto the rounded edge of the bobby pin. 3

3. Hold the glued pearl in place for a few seconds to ensure that it stays on.

4. Just come up with a few hairstyles to incorporate this accessory into, and the bobby pins will instantly make the hairstyle a little more unique.

Finishing this project turned out to be much simpler than I imagined, and is such a basic accessory that I can most definitely see it fitting with many outfits that could either be dressy or casual. My siste

photo by Manal Salim
photo by Manal Salim
rs were thoroughly pleased with this as a gift, and already started to test out hairstyles incorporating these bobby pins. Another variation of this project included using a string to tie the pearl onto the bobby pin, but I tested that out and found that hot gluing the pearls/beads turned out to be much easier and much more secure.
Therefore, if you have a couple miscellaneous beads and some old bobby pins laying around, this DIY project is something you can carry out in your free time and will provide for a unique accessory either this holiday season, or anytime year round.
By Manal Salim