Three more Bruin athletes sign to compete in college


Senior Quinn Smith signs his letter of intent for wrestling at South Dakota State University, accompanied by his parents.

Harsh Singh

[heading]The third of four athletic signing takes place at RBHS.[/heading]
Head Baseball Coach Justin Towe discusses the accomplishments of senior Brady Pfeiffer throughout his time here.
Head Baseball Coach Justin Towe discusses the accomplishments of senior Brady Pfeiffer throughout his time at RBHS.
Photo by Morgan Berk
Students and teachers crowded into the PAC lobby today after school, witnessing three spectacular RBHS students carry on their life as athletes to the collegiate level. Seniors Sam Crane, Brady Pfeiffer  and Quinn Smith signed letters of  intent, indicating their desire to compete in college sports.
Pfeiffer will play for the Central Missouri State University baseball team. Still having one last season to compete for the Bruins baseball , he said he is glad UCM offered him a spot to continue to play his favorite sport.
“I am really excited about being able to play at UCM,” Pfeiffer said. “This is a great opportunity for me, and hopefully I can make the most out of it.”
Pfeiffer said he has been playing baseball since he was five when he fell in love with the sport, and since them anything associated with baseball has been positive.
“Since the beginning of my baseball playing days , I’ve always just been in love with the game,” Pfeiffer said. “I always take extra swings in the cages and extra ground balls to improve my game.”
Crane, who is also heading into his last season as a Bruin athlete, signed to wrestle for Mizzou. He said he is honored to be picked by such a talented wrestling program and hopes to help them with his skills.
“The thought to finally be able to wrestle for a great program like Mizzou makes me feel that much at home,” Crane said. “The next step is to just continue my success from high school on into college at Mizzou.”
Smith, another wrestler for RBHS, will wrestle for South Dakota State University in 2014. Smith said he feels great knowing he will be a part of the SDSU wrestling team next year. With that, he is also excited to continue his passion for wrestling to the next level. However, Smith also said it will be tough leaving the Bruins after this season.
“As a senior, it has an effect on me because this year for [RBHS], we have the best team we have ever had,” Smith said. “Also knowing that I will be wrestling at SDSU next year, I will not only be competing for an indiviual state title but also state champs as a team.”
To date, 13 players have signed to play sports at the collegiate level; four more athletes will sign for swimming at various colleges tomorrow, which will be the last of the four signing ceremonies that will take place at RBHS this fall.
By Harsh Singh