Student View: Honor Flight Fundraising Competition

The Honor Flight Logo, taken from the organisations official website. Used under the Fair Use Doctrine.

The Honor Flight Logo, taken from the organisation’s official website. Used under the Fair Use Doctrine.

Ashleigh Atasoy

Last Monday, Nov. 11, RBHS kicked-off the second annual Honor Flight Competition against the Jefferson City Public School District. Sponsored by Young Republicans, the event aims to raise money for the non-profit organization, Honor Flight, that raises money to fly World War II Veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their war memorial at no charge to the veterans. According to an average of 640 WWII veterans die every day in the United States, so the organization serves to fly as many as possible to D.C. before their time runs out.
In an attempt to raise funds and awareness for the organization, CPS and JCPS have teamed up in a competition to see who can raise the most money for Honor Flight. This is the second year of the competition and both administrations hope to see a dramatic increase in fundraising compared with last year.
BearingNews asked students:
What do you think of Honor Flight?

“The monument and memorial are a big deal for both my parents and grandparents. In my opinion my view of the honor flight is to have a tangible thing that gives back to our vets and anyone who served. I don’t think there will ever be enough to give back, but it is certainly a start.” -Freshman Jim Horrman
” think it is a great cause. I think they want to go and see it all. I think it is a great commemoration and way to remember.” – Senior Drake Luebrecht
“My grandparents were doctors and Marines. They have not been on an honor flight. They served in Vietnam. I think they are a really good thing.” -Freshman Jessica Garcia
By Ashleigh Atasoy and Ross Parks
What are your thoughts on Honor Flight? Have you had a family member go on a flight?