Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” doesn’t disappoint

Lady Gagas ARTPOP doesnt disappoint

Sophie Whyte

Lady Gaga’s new, highly anticipated album, “ARTPOP” was released on Nov. 11, complete with 15 new tracks to entertain her fans, otherwise known as Little Monsters. Following the album’s release, the biggest debate among pop-music lovers was if “ARTPOP” was deserving of all the hype surrounding it. With classic Gaga songs like “Bad Romance” and “Just Dance,” much pressure was placed on the artist to create more instant chart-toppers. And Gaga did just that. 

Expressive and fresh, “ARTPOP” brings a wide variety of tunes that are well deserving of all the anticipation. With songs like “Bad Romance,” “ARTPOP” delivers emotion and enjoyment in each song.

“Applause,” another song that was previously released as a single, exemplifies Lady Gaga’s ability to create incredibly catchy melodies that people can relate to. The lyrics state “I live for the applause,” which refers to Gaga’s love for entertaining. In a way, we all “live for the applause” in that there is always someone that we want to make happy. Whether that is our friends or family, there is always someone that we live to see smile. Positivity radiates from the chorus, yet “ARTPOP” provides various song types to cater to all types of fans.

Other songs on the album,  such as “Dope,” are more emotional ballads. “Dope” tells the story of the struggle of a drug addiction. Gaga sings that she wants to continue her previous relationships, but drugs are pulling her away from the people and things she loves. Society often overlooks the struggle it takes to get help for an addiction, making Gaga’s lyrics “twelve lonely steps” so relevant. It is an important topic for her, considering that at the YouTube Music Awards, Gaga shed tears while performing.
With these new songs, it is inevitable that Lady Gaga will release more music videos and have more live performances. Many know her for bizarre artistic representations in her performances, and I can’t wait to see the way she will present “ARTPOP” in the coming weeks and months.
By Sophie Whyte
What is your favorite Lady Gaga song?