Bruin Block Fashion Show highlights ’90s style

Emily Franke

Scrunchies, jumpsuits and over-sized T-shirts returned to the catwalk in the Bruin Block fashion show today. Freshmen and sophomore representatives from each Bruin Block class formed teams, with each participant dressed up in full ’90s attire, and competed in the show during their respective Bruin Block.

“Each Bruin Block selected three students and two teachers to present,” senior mentor Bridgette Crawford said. “And they’re going to come in and they’re going to strut their stuff for the Homecoming queens, who are going to judge it.”

Teams were divided into groups under guidance counselors Samuel Martin, Jordan Alexander, Jane Piester, Rachel Reed and Leslie Kersha. They each answered one trivia question related to the theme of the day. On Tuesday, questions pertained to sports. With today’s 1990s theme, questions related to pop culture, history and events that took place during the decade.

Student Council president senior Jack Schimpf asked questions about Forest Gump, U.S. presidents, the Titanic, Britney Spears, and the Gulf War. Beyond the trivial questions, the candidates judged teams on visual effect.

“[The teams] went up there and did a weird walk on stage,” sophomore Bailey Grieshaber said. “They were judged on their outfits, their walk and if they correctly answered the questions or not and if they had a teacher with them.”

Results from today’s competition will be announced at tomorrow’s assembly.

By Emily Franke