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My Summer Playlist

Photo by Renata Williams.
Feature Photo by Renata Williams.

Summer is filled with car rides, festivals and sun bathing. An essential part of all of those activities is music. I took it upon myself to develop a playlist filled with music I feel screams ‘summer 2013’.

Any song that made me feel great, and I felt I could blast on repeat, are the picks for this summer. Everything down to the lyrics and beats will make you just want to sing along. The songs I chose vary in variety and one is for sure to be your summer theme song. I recommend checking all of these songs out this summer as well as checking out more from these artists. I’d also love to hear what your song picks for this upcoming summer are.

1. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

When Macklemore & Ryan Lewis came out with Thrift Shop just a year ago (but didn’t become popular until February of this year), very few, including me, believed they’d make another hit. “Can’t Hold Us” is their way of slapping everyone in the face that didn’t believe them, because this song is enjoyable. The mix of rapping with the catchy hook/chorus all over the piano music gives a new and fun sound that will keep people listening and singing along.

2. 22 -Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift always gives her listeners pop-country chart toppers. “Twenty-two” comes from her album Red, which will be blasted all summer and is just so upbeat. Her lyrics are perfect for summer because they’re just Taylor and her friends having fun, which is what summer is all about. “It feels like one of those nights; We won’t be sleeping,” are some lyrics from her song that express how summer nights are.The verses are fun and the drop to her chorus is even more fun to listen to; you will be singing along.

3. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

I have no clue what Imagine Dragons is talking about, nor do I care to learn, because the song doesn’t need an explanation. The song begins with a cool little melody then drops into this verse that explains an interesting, yet weird scenario, that cannot be turned off. The beat is exciting; the only down fall of this song is it’s short. “Radioactive” is three minutes of catchy lyrics and a lively beat that will be replayed over and over.

4. Cruise (Remix)  – Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly

I’ve never been a true fan of country music, but this song I can vibe with. “Cruise” is a mixture of country and rap done in a nice way. This song is definitely going to be hot this summer; it just sounds summer-y with the use of lyrics, like, “I got my windows down and the radio up.” I can imagine ‘rolling down my windows and cruising’ as the song says. I think “Cruise” will attract a lot of people who don’t necessarily like country, because it’s just a fun song that I would not have expected to ever be made. Another collab from Florida Georgia Line and Nelly is rumored, so if you like this song, keep your eyes open.

5. The Way – Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller

When I first heard about this song and who made it, I couldn’t help but ask, “Where did this come from?” And I’m sure I’m not the only one because Ariana Grande seems so innocent, and Mac Miller isn’t. Knowing Ariana from Nickelodeon paired with Mac Miller sounded crazy, but this song is so cute that the lyrics are playful and sweet, such as, “I hope you hit me on my celly when I sneak in your mind.” For us that didn’t know Ariana could sing, this proves it. Her voice sounds great with Mac Miller’s rap. “The Way” is one of my favorite picks for Summer 2013.

6. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez

7. Power Trip – J.cole ft. Miguel

8. Get Lucky – Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams

9. Next to me – Emeli Sande

10. Alive – Krewela

By Renata Williams

What’s your favorite song for Summer 2013?

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