Celebrate Mom every day


Photo by Renata Williams

The week before Mother’s Day, there’s always this struggle of what to get my mom. It gets to the point where I just ask her, but of course all she says is “a plant or flowers.” Like I really want to get my mother something she can get any other day of the year. I know plants can be sweet and all, but this year I’d actually like to surprise her.

So that is why I am here, writing about my mom. for her and others to see how much she means to me.

Photo by Renata Williams
Photo by Renata Williams

My mom will say her favorite memories for Mother’s Day were when my sister and I were little and made her breakfast in bed. Our only time doing so, though we say we will every year. I tend to take my mom for granted and Mother’s Day opens my eyes, which, if I am honest, is sad. I should appreciate my mom every day, for all she’s done, but of course, I feel like I do the opposite most days.

Now, I can write and write about my mom to try to convince you that she really is a great woman; her kind heart, her generous spirit and her overall love for her kids well being, but that is not the true point of all of this. As we teenagers grow up, we allow Mother’s Day to be our back-up for the other 364 days that we don’t show our appreciation to our moms, & showing our moms on Mother’s Day isn’t enough. I’d love to convince people to not only show their mom they are loved on Mother’s Day, but show them every week with little things such as a note telling your mom how much she is loved.

So, I am going to challenge myself this coming year, and I want to challenge you. On random days try sending your mom a text, or picking up her favorite chocolate. Without her asking, show that you care; it’s so easy to do.

To me, I view Mother’s Day as an excuse. I understand it’s meant to give mothers their day of thanks, but moms deserve more. One day isn’t enough. Love should be shown all of the time because, regardless of how selfish I act sometimes, I love my mom.

So, on this Mother’s Day, and the days to come after, I will show Mom how much I love her.

And today, on Mother’s Day, it’s all about my mom, and thanks to the wonders of the world wide web, the most important woman in my life will know forever how much she means to me.
By Renata Williams
What is the best thing about your mother? I would love for you to celebrate her in our comments section.