Choir reminisces over successful year


Justin Sutherland

Singing to the crowd, senior Ian Meyer has a moment of fame when the spotlight shines over him. Photo by Erin Kleekamp

Tears, resounding voices and a performance that entranced the audience were the stars at Last night’s final choir concert.

After the performance, the seniors had a special moment where they were commemorated  and received plaques for being members of the choir this year. Many hugs, some crying and plentiful cupcakes made the night unforgettable for the choir students, especially for seniors Bobby Backus and Trenton Thompson.

“The last two years I was in choir, I was in concert choir,” Thompson said. “This year though, I got into chamber choir, which was really exciting and a great experience for me. Although the pieces that we sing may be harder, I think they have really helped me grow as a singer and a musician.”

Not only did the experience make Thompson better for his musicianship, but he also thinks it has helped others grow. Backus believes this year has shaped him into being a more outgoing and stronger vocalist and desires to continue in a career toward music.

“I probably want to write music and want to get better at vocals,” Backus said, “which this year has really helped me do.”

Backus and Thompson are both sad to know that this is their last choir performance at RBHS, wishing to have more, yet they are happy to know that the last performance, along with the year, went so well.

“I felt that [this year]  was exhilarating and it just went by too fast in my opinion,” Backus said. ”I am kind of sad to know that this is it for the year, but I think I’ve been prepared for this for a long time.”

Backus not only prepared for the end of the year, but also the performance itself by choir teacher Mike Pierson. Pierson said the performance went well, even though they did a different type of concert than what they normally do at a concert.

“Most of the aspects that we put into worked,” Pierson said. “Overall, I thought it was a really great concert.”

Thompson enjoyed the theme of last nights performance of a day’s work and thinks it was a good way to end a fantastic and memorable year for him. One of the most influential parts of how well the year went was the laid back feeling for the choir itself.

“I think my senior year has been the best of my three years,” Thompson said. “The easy going feel of the class made things more relaxed and less stress for me.”

Although he doesn’t entirely feel that much different yet, Pierson is sad to see his seniors go after a great year.

“[The seniors] bring a lot of their own musicianship and a lot of great individual traits to this department that are hard to replace,” Pierson said. “I think it was just a great way to end a great year.”

By Justin Sutherland