French foreign exchange student says bonjour to Bruins

Joseph de Bony

Maddie Magruder

Joseph de BonySenior Joseph de Bony, an exchange student from France, brings a positive outlook to everyone he meets. He tells everyone to “let love reign,” and he lives his life striving to make that saying true. 

de Bony also joined extracurricular parts of RBHS by participating in choir and the fall musical, The Music Man. He founded and leads self-actualization club.
Q: What are your hobbies?

A: My hobbies, all things that can express love and beauty, Asian poetry, acting, singing [and] dancing. And the second part of my hobby is all the things about personal development and self-actualization. … I like to share ways and coach as I do here with the self-actualization club.
Q: What goals did you have when you started the self-actualization club?

A: I created the club because I wanted to share all I learned from my formation. All the tools [I learned] can help you to achieve dreams, manage feelings, connect with patience — just some crazy tools like this can help you realize whatever you want and change your life. I couldn’t just keep this for me; I wanted to share it, so I chose to start a club and after almost one month of planning and getting the signatures, I could do my club. I’m really proud and really glad to do this. But I don’t teach anything. I just share.
Q:What do you want to be in life?

A: I want to be, it’s always different, but today I want to be a poet, actor, dancer, singer, really I just … want to be a great coach who is really famous. I want to give big, big, big conferences. Also a coach who is famous. Like this, people can touch stuff and really change stuff in the world.
Q: What is something about yourself that makes you special?
I don’t like to talk about myself — only if I’m really, really talkative. I prefer asking people to know more of them. The only thing special about myself is that I’m just completely filled with unconditional love to anybody and try to love everybody as much as I can and the best that I can. I try to incarnate extraordinary all my life, by making art, thinking, by what I say, what I believe, what I express.

Anything you want to add?

A: I want to say that the only thing important in life is love. And not just love as a couple, a man, a woman. I talk love in everything. I think really that love this only reason for this universe, and if I can have anything, it’s let love reign. It’s the thing I say every day, but it’s true. It’s really what I want to do with my life. It’s the only reason that I’m living for. I don’t live for anything else.