Meet courtwarming king candidate Jake Alden


Photo by Aniqa Rahman

Daphne Yu

Photo by Aniqa Rahman
Photo by Aniqa Rahman
What was your reaction after hearing you were one of the nominees?
“I kind of had a celebratory jump hug with all my sophomores. Then I went inside and listened to some Nappy Roots because I was happy.”
What do you think of this year’s theme for courtwarming?
“I really like it. I am way too much of a movies’ geek. I am looking forward to the Academy Awards, and the Academy Awards are the same week as courtwarming, so I am just getting really pumped.”
How do you plan on involving the student body with the courtwarming activities?
“This year, we’re going to have the lunch activities as always, and those are going to be a blast for everyone. What’s great about this year, though, is we’ve gotten some free True/False films – and some other films – but we’ve gotten films that we’re going to be able to show in the PAC and cafeteria free of charge, which will be a great opportunity for the whole student body.”
What school activities do you participate in?
Cross country, editor and writer for “Bearing News” and “The Rock,” senior mentor, student council
What courtwarming activity do you look forward to the most? Dread the most?
“I don’t know all the activities, but one of the ones I’m looking forward to the most is the basketball game, which will be a huge blast, and just the week leading up to it and all the costumes. The ‘dread the most’ will definitely be the man-dress.”
By Daphne Yu
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