Meet courtwarming king candidate Alex Henderson


Photo by Aniqa Rahman

Daphne Yu

Photo by Aniqa Rahman
Photo by Aniqa Rahman
What was your reaction after hearing you were one of the nominees?

“I was definitely really honored to be on the court for courtwarming. There are a lot of guys in the school and I know there are a lot of guys would like to be on it, and it was an honor to know that the student body had voted me and those other eight guys onto the court. I just feel really blessed that I was able to come to a school that has something like this.”
What do you think of this year’s theme for courtwarming?
“I think it’s going to be really interesting. The theme for this courtwarming is a little bit different from all the other ones I’ve been a part of. One of the questions [the Activity’s office questionnaire] asked was, ‘Who would you give a Mauscar to?’, and I kind of had to think about it for a little bit. But I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.”
How do you plan on involving the student body with the courtwarming activities?
“The one thing I don’t like about courtwarming is that I feel like a bunch of guys should be on the court. So when they limit us to nine guys, I feel like, ‘Dang, there are so many other good guys in the school. So, I’m definitely going to get anybody who wants involved and have fun with us [be]cause I feel like [courtwarming] should be for the whole school.”
What school activities do you participate in?
National Honors Society, a leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Varsity Basketball, Golf
What courtwarming activity do you look forward to the most? Dread the most?
“I actually don’t know the specific activities we’re doing yet, but for theme days, I’m going to have to say I look the most forward to probably the superhero or villain day. I’m going to see what I can come up with for that one, so that one should be pretty interesting. But all of them are going to be really fun [since] they picked pretty good theme days this year. I will say, one of the activities I heard we have to do is that our escort has to wear a tux and we have to wear some sort of dress. I’m not sure they make a dress big enough for me, but that’s definitely one I dread the most.”
By Daphne Yu
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