Meet courtwarming king candidate Ian Meyer


Photo by Aniqa Rahman

Daphne Yu

Photo by Aniqa Rahman
Photo by Aniqa Rahman
What was your reaction after hearing you were one of the nominees?
“I most certainly didn’t expect it to happen to me, of all people. Being a choir kid who’s kind of just involved in the fine arts wing, I didn’t really expect the whole school to vote for me. So when I heard it, I was kind of just surprised I was among all the kids who I kind of would expect to be nominated. But i think it’s really sweet. It was really nice for the senior class to vote for me, since i’m just a choir kid.”
What do you think of this year’s theme for courtwarming?
“I love it. I think it’s brilliant. There have been some funny themes that have been clever in their own way, but I think this year’s theme can encompass a lot of different varieties and kind of make it your own. You can really branch out and show what kind of personality you have.”
How do you plan on involving the student body with the courtwarming activities?
“I think when you have someone who just goes all out doing things, then you get people kind of excited. and I guess the thing i like about courtwarming is you get these people doing crazy stuff, but  the best part that it does is it encourages these kids who are either new to the school because they’re sophomores or because they’re transfer students to realize that this place is not super uptight, you know, and we can have some fun.”
What school activities do you participate in?
Chamber Choir, City Lights Show Choir, Lead in the fall musical, True/False Film Club
What courtwarming activity do you look forward to the most? Dread the most?
“I like dressing up. I think that’s a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the lunch activities because they’re a mystery. You have no idea what’s going to happen. You could look like a fool, you could look great, you’ll probably end up looking a little bit of both. I’m a theater kid. I perform all the time, so social circumstances where I’m looking like a fool, well, I look like a fool every day. I don’t take a lot of pride in my self image, so if you want to laugh at me, I’ll laugh with you.”
By Daphne Yu
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