Is it the End of the World as we know it?


Atreyo Ghosh

In December, The ROCK looked at the Maya 2012 Doomsday Apocalypse and reported on other destructive and disastrous events.
First, she said, there is a plane. It’s a commercial airliner or larger, perhaps an Airbus. The destination isn’t specific, some Pacific island undisturbed by human footsteps.
Onboard are family and friends; the inside of the plane is an open floor plan more similar to a cargo jet, and the persons onboard are sitting, talking, laughing.
It might not be the safest thing — no seat belts — but senior Morgan Widhalm said it won’t matter as much at the end of the world.
The concept of apocalypse is as old as the Earth itself, and civilizations have been visualizing what the final days might look like since the Neolithic Revolution. The Egyptians thought a snake would consume the sun, and the Vikings believed the wolf Fenrir would kill their god Odin. In Ancient Persia, denizens believed that a great river of molten iron would burn those who sinned…
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