Bryan Adams thrills audience with acoustic performance

Tyler Dunlap

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Past the majestic pillars surrounding Jesse Hall and in the vast auditorium, classic rock artist Bryan Adams performed the second show of his “Bare Bones” tour Tuesday, Sept. 18. The concert was an acoustic performance, featuring Adams and a piano player alone on the stage.
Seeing Adams minus the band was a truly exceptional experience.  The show provided fans with a rare opportunity to see him like never before.
He opened with a few well known classics such as “Run to You,” “Cuts Like a Knife” and “Someone New.” After playing a few of the numbers everyone was dying to hear, Adams played some of his lesser known songs, which all received relentless praise from the audience, and even played four previously unreleased songs.
Then the program took a turn in subject from Adams’s usual song topics such as girls and the “rock ‘n roll life.” These songs expressed a deeper side of Adams, reflecting on his personal life and his progression in the music business.
Although approaching the age of 53, Adams’ age did not hinder his skills as a guitar player and vocalist. Strumming a single acoustic guitar, he nailed all of the instrumental solos, which were originally done on an electric guitar. He even turned the song “Cuts Like a Knife” into a garage jam session by improvising the end of the song, turning the four-minute track into an eight-minute rock masterpiece.
During the show, Adams crafted a relaxed atmosphere, humorously joking about his age, telling stories and singing about girls in the crowd. One female audience member started shouting praise for Adams, so he and the piano player made a blues song about the girl, right on the spot, singing about her sparkly shirt and good looks, which had the crowd laughing hysterically. Flattered, the woman joined Adams on stage for a hug and pictures.
Having listened to classic rock artists such as Adams for the majority of my life, seeing him live was a dream come true. When Adams was finished playing, he received a standing ovation with roaring cheers. Overall, the concert was a huge success and an experience that I will remember for many years to come.
By Tyler Dunlap