Volleyball girls pull through tough competition, gaining another two successes

Brittany Cornelison

Towering at 6 feet tall, Sophie Cunningham, a sophomore, shows her versatility on the volleyball court as she returns a ball dangerously close to the sideline. Photo by Patrick Smith
The girls JV and Varsity volleyball teams played Fatima at home tonight, Sept. 17th, bringing home another two wins for RBHS. These were no easy victories; the girls had to play hard in order to keep their leads.
“I think we played really well as a team,” varsity player, senior Katelyn Race said. “Everyone was ready to play [their] positions.”
Fatima kept JV players on their toes throughout both of their sets. In the beginning RB girls trailed behind, 4-9. However, they regained their stamina and pushed through, keeping the game tight but winning the first set with a score of 25-22.
In the second set, RBHS took off to a great lead of 8-1, leaving Fatima in the dust. The Bruin girls didn’t let down as the game progressed, keeping their score high halfway through at 17-7. The JV players took home a well-deserved win with a final score of 25-10.
Varsity didn’t let the JV’s success make them cocky. They struggled through their first set with a tie game halfway through, 12-12. Then, they built up enough strength to gain the lead, winning the set 25-10.
The lady Bruins kept up their spirit getting a head-start from the beginning of the second set with a lead of 8-5. However, they lost spirit and dragged behind, 13-14. Soon after, the game was tied 24-24 as the girls struggled to stay in the match. But their determination was great and they pushed through for a very rewarding win. The final score played out to be in favor of RBHS, 26-24.
“There are several of us who are sick and still recovering from this weekend’s long tournament,” Race said. “But despite this, we all gave what we had and it was enough to beat out a well-trained opponent.”
By Brittany Cornelison