It’s a privilege to pee


Asa Lory

Hello, again! I’ve finally gotten organized enough to put up my first photo blog of the year (only 14 hours late, too,) and it’s already following what seems to be a general rule of this blog: take what I do in normal life and capture it for you guys.
A few days ago, I auditioned for this fall’s musical production: Urinetown, a great show about a city in which it really is a privilege to pee. Auditioning was a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, I decided to go back the next day to take pictures.
Here you are – day two of auditions for this year’s production of Urinetown the Musical.
Hey, alt text!
First up was the singing audition. Alex Carranza took the stage for his rendition of “Look at the Sky.”
After the gentlemen were done, the ladies took their turn. No theater kid will be surprised when I say that there were significantly more girls than boys.

I  feel awkward taking pictures during auditions. It’s such a stressful process as it is, and I don’t want to add to the stress by playing the paparazzi. My photography instincts quickly put those qualms out of my head, though, and I don’t think Evann Twitchell even noticed my camera while she sang.

The rest of the PAC consisted of a strange blurring of actors and audience. Although generally content to watch, the seated actors weren’t above yelling out lines if the stage required i, or singing along in support of a fellow auditioner.

Sam Keller provided some excitement for the night with his twisted ankle, a result of his pre-audition dances. Within minutes, his ankle swelled to the size of a softball, and a small medical bay was set up in the front of the PAC.
And that’s it! Well, not exactly it, callbacks are tonight; the cast list comes out tomorrow, and rehearsals for this grand show begin on Monday. But that’s it for this blog. Thanks, guys.
By Asa Lory