Bruins begin football season with win against DeSmet


By: Asa Lory

Hagar Gov-Ari

Sophomore quarterback Logan Twehouse carries the ball in the first half of the Bruins’ game against DeSmet. Photo by Paige Kiehl
The hot weather couldn’t slow down the Bruins’ relentless drive to kick off the season with a win. The football team clinched its first victory Friday night, dominating the DeSmet Spartans 20-7.
In the first game of the season for both teams, the Spartans made it onto the scoreboard first with a touchdown in the first quarter.
Things were looking good for DeSmet until junior wide-receiver Zach Reuter managed a surprising 50-yard breakaway pass from sophomore quarterback Logan Twehouse, tying the score shortly after the half.
“It was really great to see Logan get his first touchdown at his first game, and for Zach to score too,” junior offensive linemen Pen Terry said. “They’ve been working really hard, especially Logan.”
Bruins, ranked sixth in the state, have been gearing up for this season as well as playing the opening game against DeSmet, who is ranked third in the state. Fighting for every chance and opening, the RB boys scored their second touchdown of the night with another catch by Reuter with four minutes left in the third quarter. The air now brimming with confidence and the home crowd cheering wildly, the Bruins entered the fourth quarter 13-7.
During the fourth quarter, Rock Bridge made its final touchdown with an 83 yard pass to sophomore wide receiver Joe Barbee, and was able to kick the extra point.
The Bruins proved victorious following a turnover at the 10, leaving the Spartans at a loss 20-7.
“It was really great to get a win against the third ranked team in the state,” Terry said. “It really asserted ourselves and proved we’re a good football team. It’s a great way to start the season, but we can’t get too cocky because we still have a long way to go.”
By Hagar Gov-Ari