Seniors receive superlative awards before saying goodbye

Jude El Buri

Emily Smith, the winner of the "most likely to be president" superlative
Tristan Welsh, the winner of the "most likely to be naked under his graduation robe" superlative
All images provided by RBHS Flashback
As the year rolls to an end for the juniors and sophomores, seniors celebrate the end of their high school career with an array of activities and banquets.

The senior banquet is one of the last activities before graduation. The main focus of the banquet is twofold: the senior video, which they show during the banquet, and the superlatives. Assistant principal David Bones says the banquet was one of the wonderful events for seniors at the end of the year.

“The banquet was awesome,” Bones said. “Really, it’s just kind of a nice time for seniors to, again, spend some times with each other before they graduate.”
All the end-of-the-year senior activities are organized by the student council senior class officers. One of their jobs, in addition to planning the picnic, baccalaureate and prom, is to plan senior banquet.
“Part of that senior banquet is the superlatives,” Bones said. “So the senior class officers, they make up which ones they’re gonna give, cause its not always the same each year, and then they sit down and look at the ballots that are voted on by the senior class. Then they determine who will receive each award.”
Senior Emily Smith, who received the “most likely to become president” award said that she loved the senior banquet because it was laid back and just the right atmosphere for the seniors to have fun with each other.
“The other ceremonies are great, but the senior banquet is special because its time just for us,” Smith said. “I was so surprised to get [most likely to become president]. I felt so honored that my classmates held me in such high regard, it was really unexpected.”
Senior Tristan Welsh thought the senior banquet was pleasing because it was the last dinner with all his friends winning awards, while eating a great meal. For Welsh, the superlatives awards were one of the most enjoyable events at the banquet.
“I won most likely to be naked under their graduation robe,” Welsh said. “I was pretty excited because I won something.”
Bones said this year’s banquet and awards went very well He believes the winners were exceptional because while it was a blast, and people seemed to respond positively when names were read.
“It was well received and it was a lot of fun,” Bones said. “You know, it’s in the spirit of having a good time and reflecting of the year.”
By Jude El Buri