15 Days of Torment: Day 10 Titanic

Jude El Buri

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Titanic. What can I say about Titanic…it’s the most classic movie ever. So, I’ve seen this movie before. But a long time ago. I haven’t seen the movie since I was maybe five years old.
This time, when I watched the movie, I saw it in a whole new light. Leonardo DiCaprio is charming and witty as ever. I’ve always found the Titanic theme song by Celine Dion to be extremely creepy. I remember even having nightmares with that song playing in the background
When I watched it this time, I still found it equally creepy, but it was chilling in a kind of good, weird way.
The love story was still “cute,” but the later scenes of the boat flooding and the ship slowly but steadily sinking is what kept me on the edge of my seat. I knew how it was going to end, but I still found myself holding my breath whenever someone went under water. I panicked in accordance to the panic of the main characters.
The beginning was a little boring, but once the ship started sinking, I became absorbed in the movie and my eyes were glued to the screen.
The movie actually had action too, with the rivalry between Rose’s fiancée and Jack, and the screaming panic and hurry of trying to save hundreds of peoples’ lives. I was planning on watching it again in 3-D, but decided against it, so that I don’t dull out the effectiveness of the movie. But this time, I definitely enjoyed re-experiencing this movie, and actually understanding it this time.
By Jude El Buri