15 Days of Torment: Day 5 Clueless


Jude El Buri

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Clueless. This cannot be a more cliché movie. A rich popular girl whose life revolves around expensive clothes and high school life finally realizes, after playing matchmaker, that there’s more to life than school, makeup and boys.
The movie starts with Cher (Alicia Silverstone, “Batman & Robin”) enjoying her luxurious life with her father. She befriends the new girl who seems to be oblivious to high school social hierarchy and gives her a “makeover.” Cher attempts to set the new girl up with a richer and more popular boy than the boy she had sparked an interest in.
With multiple, tangled love triangles, Cher’s initial plans are ruined and her friendships are tested. But, in the end, as usual, everyone realizes who their true loves were, who just so happened to be conveniently right under their noses the whole time.
She ends up falling in love with the perfect man, and it happily ends with her becoming an enlightened new person. The issues were so quickly resolved, and everything came together in an unrealistically perfect manner. I predicted every scene before it happened, and by the end of the movie, I found myself disgusted and more irritated than I was before I started the movie.
By Jude El-Buri