Yearbook staff worries about senior submissions

Shaun Gladney

As the deadline for senior ads and portraits nears, yearbook staff members are nervous about the unprecedented low number of submissions they have received.
Nov. 11 is the deadline for purchasing senior congratulatory ads and submitting senior portraits for inclusion in the 2011/2012 Flashback. So far, the staff has only received a hand full of ads.
“I’m afraid that in years to come, seniors are going to look back and regret not purchasing an ad,” said managing editor Shawn Crouch.
In years past submissions have piled in the days before the deadline, overwhelming the staff. However, even before the overload the yearbook staff had more submissions.
Submissions will continue for a short period after the Nov. 11 deadline. According to Crouch, these entries will inquire a late fee because yearbook pages must be submitted by deadlines, which the company sets, and Flashback will incur fees.
Senior Ad and Senior Portrait forms are available outside of Room 329, in the activities office and on the BearingNews website under the yearbook tab, Crouch said. Senior portraits and the form may be mailed to [email protected] or handed to Robin Stover in Room 329. Senior ads and payment can be turned in to Room 329 also.
By Shaun Gladney