With springtime comes celebration, peacetime

With springtime comes celebration, peacetime

Asa Lory

Easter Sunday has come and just about gone, marking many a springtime celebration, one of the last sane weekends before AP testing and the resurrection of Jesus. Being myself – not too worried about exams, not in the mood for fetes and not expressly religious – I spent my weekend hanging out at Saturday’s annual Easter egg hunt near Douglass Park, relaxing and generally having a good time.

Hundreds of plastic eggs materialized mysteriously in a city park, to be dutifully harvested by small children.

They eagerly reached for the candy filled orbs, propped up in the wet grass.

After all the eggs were collected, the children wandered, but not aimlessly. They ran around and laughed and made new friends.

Soon though, it was time to leave, or so I thought. Instead of going home, as I was expecting, everyone walked across the street to Douglass Park proper, where the celebration continued.

The Easter Bunny waited under a sheltered roof, with a basket full of goodies.

Easter themed games continued for a while, and the activities slowly dwindled to nothing.
The rest of Saturday passed slowly, and the weekend slipped into Easter itself. For me, this Easter has been one of the more relaxing days I’ve had in quite a while.

I spent the morning starting an herb garden to smell and to taste.

The remainder of the day was occupied with, among other things, one of the best dinners I’ve ever made, made twice as good by eating outside.
It was a wonderful end to a wonderful Easter, filled with peace and happiness.

And I found this guy wandering one of my oak trees! For me, Easter brings spring most of all.