No quarter given at historic battle

Jessica Jost

In the months preceding elections, there are no boundaries. Everything about a candidate is fair game, including their family, their past political history, their economic status and perhaps their elementary school records. In military terms, this style of fighting is known as giving no quarter.And on this day in history, The Battle of Towtonwas fought and no quarter was given in order to end the War of the Roses once and for all.The War of the Roses was an ongoing series of civil wars for the throne of England that lasted from 1455-1485. The two sides were the House of Lancaster and the House of York, their symbols were the red rose and white rose, respectively, with each side arguing that they were the rightful heirs to the British throne. The Battle of Towton was intended to be the battle that would decisively end the succession question.
Edward IV of York intended to march on King Henry VI of Lancaster’s army in hopes that he could inflict a fatal wound on the Lancasters’ claims. Henry was a pious man and his wife, Margaret of Anjou, was given complete freedom to employ her military officials. Both sides agreed during parlay before the battle that no quarter would be given during the fight, simply meaning that no mercy would be shown to either side. Legend has it that that because of this stipulation, the battle field had to be cleared of fallen soldiers several times in order for the armies to be able to charge one another.
Lord Fauconberg led the initial Yorkist army charge against the Lancasters during a blizzard. With the snow blowing into the Lancaster army, the archers’ visibility was interrupted and the Yorks took advantage by sending roughly 120,000 arrows a minutes towards the Lancastrian army. The Lancasters gave up their bows and instead engaged the Yorks in hand to hand combat. Despite Edward’s encouragement on the frontlines, the York army was pushed further and further back. It wasn’t until the Earl of Norfolk arrived with fresh men that the Yorks were able to find their courage and overcome the advancing Lancastrian army.
The Lancastrian army broke formation and fled Towton with the Yorks in hot pursuit. It is speculated that more men died the rout following the battle than the battle itself. Henry VI and his wife, Margaret, fled to Scotland after the battle and Edward IV was crowned as the King of England.
On March 29, Free Line Dancing was at Cedar Creek Saloon, Karaoke Night was at Sky Hi Grill, and a Texas Holdem Tournament took place at Pem’s Place. But 551 years ago and 4,534.8 miles away, a usurper fought for his birthright.
By Jessica Jost