Audience has high expectations for Breathe Carolina

Sonya Francis

Singer Jordan Witzigreuter performs at a concert. Photo used under the fair use doctrine from
Just before the kick off of Columbia Public School’s spring break, the BlueNote will be hosting, “The Ready Set,” and “Breathe Carolina” on March 21. Tickets are priced at $18 the day of the show, however getting there quickly can save a couple bucks. As always, minors have a two dollar door charge so bring extra cash.
The opening act of the will be performed by, “The Ready Set,” a band that which a poppy, bubbly sound is not lacking. The songs are similar to a California teen delusion, where singing, “ooh oh oh,” takes more time on the track than actual lyrics. The lead of the group, Jordan Witzigreuter, however is from Indiana. His dreams of the beach scene and his shaggy, yet subtly ‘emo’ haircut must have inspired the light-hearted nothingness that he actually sings.
If you haven’t heard of “Breathe Carolina,” then here is your chance. Their music is a fusion between techno and a light rock, in other words dancing definitely won’t be an option. So be prepared to have your feet stepped on and your body crammed. The lyrics to one of their first single, “Black Out” couldn’t be more true, ‘we’re only getting started.’
The “Breathe Carolina,” duo, David Schmitt and Kyle Even started in Denver Colorado in 2007. They have since pulled together three albums, their latest being, “Hell is what you make it.” The album is a mix of songs only suited for pre-gaming or a night out. So the main act should, indeed be a show to see.
The expectations will be high however since the opening act will most likely be an awkward bust and little to no one will know the words the one man ‘band’ will sing. Don’t rite the show off thus far because “Breathe Carolina” should and most likely will make up for their lacking opening act with a great energy between the duo. If you are looking for a night to let your hair down take the main act in consideration
By Sonya Francis