… making a playlist from back in the day

Sonya Francis

Don’t go another day without making a playlist from back in the day.
Twenty-five different songs that accompanied the best and worst moments from way back when as a first grader, after the bus ride home from Green Pines Elementary in Wildwood, Mo., the first and most important thing to do on the walk home was to get out my NSYNC key chain. It played three of personal favorites songs: “Bye Bye Bye,” “No Strings Attached” and “Pop.” There was something about those songs that gave me an extra kick in my step — as a first grader that is.
It’s been a few years, however, and I’m certain I couldn’t listen to those three songs in their entirety anymore. But music has stayed with me always. I skipped forward a few years from elementary to middle school and created a playlist of songs that had rocked out my first school dance; it blasted through the windows until the neighbors could hear and couldn’t be sung without a hairbrush in tow.
Now as I near graduation, my favorite songs reflect the stage I’m in now. But it’s fun to remember who I have been on my way here. Llisten to this collaboration, and you’re bound to let the words, “Oh my god I remember this song,” roll off your tongue.
Warning: content may be offensive.
1)      This Love by Maroon 5 
2)      Sugar, We’re Going Down– Fallout Boy 
3)      My Name is– Eminem (this one is just kind of weird)
4)      Slide– Goo Goo Dolls
5)      American Idiot– Green Day
6)      My Humps– The Black Eyed Peas (the song in general is um…)
7)      Gold Digger– Kanye West (there are some scantly dressed ladies)
8)      Temperature– Sean Paul
9)      Beautiful Soul– Jesse McCartney
10)  Mr. Brightside– The Killers
11)  Hips Don’t Lie– Shakira
12)  Sk8tr Boi– Avril Lavigne
13)  Stacy’s Mom– Fountains of Wayne
14)  Suga Suga– Baby Bash
15)  First Cut is the Deepest– Sherly Crow
16)  Ignition (remix)- R. Kelly
17)  Just the Girl– Click 5
18)  1,2 Step– Ciara
19)  Collide– Howie Day
20)  Ms. Jackson– Outkast
21)  Cool– Gwen Stefani
22)  Be My Escape– Relient K
23)  Rock your Body– J. Timberlake
24)  Chariot– Gavin Degraw
25)  She Will be Loved– Maroon 5
So, don’t go another day without making time to create your own playlist of memories. After all who doesn’t want to rediscover the simple days through a few meaningless lyrics that meant the world at one time or another?
By Sonya Francis