Girls’ basketball defeats Jefferson city, wins district championships

Katrina Fox

Freshman Cierra Porter makes a basket during tonight's distric chmapionship. Photo by Drew Rodgers
Today, with intensity running high and emotions even higher, the girls’ basketball team was determined to avoid a repeat of the defeating outcome in the district championship game against Jefferson City last year, where the Bruins lost districts by one point.
With that sting still lingering, practices and preparation throughout the season was centered around how a victory would be achieved.
This year’s match-up was still tight, yet this time the RB girls (21-3) defeated the Jefferson City Jays (17-9), 75-67 in Sedalia to take the district championship.
To prepare for the game physically and mentally, the girls focused in practice and warmups before the game. Each player described herself as being on the same page as her teammates, having the same mentality on how to walk away with a victory.
“We talked a lot before the game and we all agreed that we wanted to go out with the mindset that we would give one-hundred percent effort to the game,” sophomore Audrey Holt said. “Our team motto is ‘all it takes is all we’ve got,'”
From the beginning of the night, the girls gave the game their all, starting with a win for the jump by freshman Cierra Porter, who hit it to senior Lindsey Cunningham. Each player knew how important the game was — to win meant moving on in post play and proving last year’s game was a fluke. Whoever set the tone of the game  would have the upper hand.
“Right from the tip we had the momentum,” Holt said. “I think we did a good job and really took the time to pass up on some good shots for great ones with our first few plays.”
Though the game was close the whole time, there were a few plays that gave Bruins the energy to keep fighting to stay on top.
“When Hannah [Dressler] had … amazing stuff, it pumped us up,” senior Kelsey Harrignton said. “It made it seem like we had the game. Also, [freshman] Sophie [Cunningham] hit back-to-back threes and kept us in the game.”
Now, with the Bruins in post-season, a loss will mean elimination. To the seniors of the team, any game could be their last; for them, winning holds a special place in the girls’ hearts to continue to win. With this extra driving force, the emotions and reasons to win were embedded in the minds of each player, especially seniors.
“This has been an amazing season so far to say the least,” senior Alyssa Elson said, “but we are far from satisfied. As seniors, knowing that every game could truly be our last game playing together, we are determined to give everything we have and I think each and every one of us showed that tonight.”
When the final buzzer rang, guaranteeing a Bruin victory, the overwhelming feeling of joy and satisfaction coupled with the effort given finally hit them. This year, no one could take away their district championship title or their confidence and happiness going into the regionals.
“As soon as it hit [the buzzer], you just get filled with adrenaline and wanted to scream,” Harrignton said. “It was the best feeling in the world.”
By Katrina Fox
The girls will play the Waynesville Tigers (11-17), winner of the district 10 championships Wednesday, Feb. 29 at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo.