Labour party formed

Jessica Jost

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Our main political parties in the United States, the Republicans and the Democrats, seem to have existed forever; it is hard to picture them in their infancy. But, even though one major party across the pond has only been around for just over 100 years, it has managed to accomplish so much in its short life.
On this day in history, the British Labour Party was created.
Appropriately born at the turn of the century in 1900, the Labour party stood for the interests of the common Englishman. A gathering of over 70 groups – including the Social Democratic Foundation, the Fabians and the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants – voted in favor of representing the working class voice in the House of Commons. They titled themselves as the Labour Representation Committee and elected two MP’s (members of Parliament) to Commons in the 1900 elections.
Although the Labour party’s first Prime Minister, Ramsay Macdonald, was in charge of England for only a few months in 1924, his government accomplished a great deal during their limited term. Despite not being the majority party in Commons, Macdonald was able to pass legislation on education, social insurance, unemployment and housing. The government was ousted after the publication of the Zinoviev lette, a fake document alleging that the Labour party was tied to the Russian communists. The Labour party lost 40 seats in the next election and the Conservatives came back to power, but Labour wasn’t down for long.
The next Labour government was in 1929 and it saw Margaret Bondfield become the first woman ever to be a cabinet minister in Britin’s entire political history and it was the first time that Labour was the largest party in Britain.
The Labour party has only been in power in Britain for four periods of time compared to the Conservatives’ near monopoly on the government but it has made waves in its short existence. From being the first party ever to include a woman in its cabinet to devolving power to governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Having accomplished so much in 112 years, the Labour party shows that age is no obstacle when i t comes to  governing and providing for the people.
On February 27, 2012, Rock Bridge High School boys lacrosse and Columbia Womens Lacrosse began their official practices, Henna and International arts day kicked off the week long Global Village celebration, and Baseball tryouts began. But 112 years ago and 4333 miles away, the party of the people was created.