Artrageous Friday gains local attention

Afsah Khan

On Friday, Oct. 7 a crowd gathered around the Columbia Art League. There was a hustle-bustle of activity, with people streaming in and out of the building. Passersby stopped and stared.

After all, this was no ordinary event; this was Artrageous Friday.
The event provides entertainment in the form of music, dancing, singing, live painting, free art exhibitions among others throughout the year.  It unites people of all backgrounds and beliefs, and RBHS art students make every effort to be involved and share the passion and enthusiasm involved in Artrageous Friday.
RBHS Art Honor Society’s students did henna tattoos and live painting, and even though henna is traditionally for girls and women, both girls and boys got the tattoos done at the event.
“Henna opens doors to cultural diversity,” said sophomore Kelsey Cheney, one of the henna painters at the event.
However, some students were not able to use this opportunity because that Friday evening was also the homecoming football game. There was a group though that still chose to take advantage of the laid back and relaxing environment of the evening — free limo rides, a cappella of “The Lion King,” etc.
“We’re just chilling” at Artrageous Friday,” junior Khaynen Hoelscher said. “Forget what everyone thinks and just be yourself.”
People who came to the event took pictures of the artists and the musicians, and many took part in the different activities themselves. RBHS students hope to continue this tradition and help expand the event.
“I just think it’s wonderful that [Artrageous Friday] growing every year,” student teacher Abbey Trescott said. “It’s also great that professional artists and student artists are getting their work out there in the public.”
Columbia is already a city rich with artistic abilities and aspiring artists. Artrageous Friday is seen by many as a good way for other people to experience this art and to get in touch with the rest of the community.
“It’s a great way for Columbia to rally around the arts,” Trescott said.  “I think Artrageous Friday is a really good way to bring art further into the community.”
By Afsah Khan