Lana Del Rey joins fame with new album

Sonya Francis

Album cover used with permission from promotional materials.
It was almost as if she came from out of nowhere. All of a sudden Lana Del Rey was popping on the iTunes slider, SNL, MTV, NBC and music blogger sites. Del Rey’s first album, “Born to Die,” was released Tuesday, Jan. 31 about a month after her music video “Video Games” went viral on YouTube.
Her single, “Born to Die” starts with a beautiful orchestral background fading into a smaller beat; slowly Del Rey’s voice glides in with ease to create a complete sound. She may be categorized as a pop singer, but she just might tear down the stereotypical, “Oops, I did it again,” phenomenon plaguing  female pop stars. The single provides much more – a haunting story line behind the video and a climax toward the end of the track while Del Ray’s style remains smooth, adding to the haunting power of her voice.
“Video Games” launched her fast track to success with just reason. The voice behind it all reminds listeners of what true vocal talent can sound like without synthesizers or overpowering techno beats. Her irresistible sound makes it impossible not to sing softly along.
Del Rey has an interesting style. Seemingly numb, some may say she lacks emotion. However, her lyrics say otherwise. The eerie feel of her separation contributes to the heartfelt sound her music  lean towards which makes for an even better final product. If you choose to listen, feel what she is singing and each aspect – the instruments, her tone, and in fact her separation all makes wonderful sense.
Though for whatever reason Del Rey greatly struggled on her Saturday Night Live performance, her work still proves to be a success. The album as a whole has a couple very strong pieces with some accompanying ones. She may have appeared randomly, but hopefully she continues to bring more to the table because people will be waiting. Expect to hear more from Lana Del Ray- this is no one hit wonder.
By Sonya Francis