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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Day 74

Day 74

Bailey Stover May 30, 2020

Mind over matter. Today is May 30. My dad woke me up with a soft knock on my door this morning saying breakfast was ready. I was in the middle of a dream involving annoying, complaining cheerleaders,...

Courtwarming King voting starts today

Courtwarming King voting starts today

Brandon Kim February 13, 2019

Today, all students of RBHS can vote for the 2019 Courtwarming King. Out of a ten candidate court, one will be named king. The link will be on the RBHS homepage. Selection for the court began around three...

Art by Valeria Velasquez

Absent voters neglect duties

Ann Fitzmaurice November 12, 2018

At 6 a.m. the polls open on voting day. More than 100 precincts scatter across Columbia. In August, 99,934 people registered to vote, yet only 37,305 casted their ballot. With polling places open for 13...

FCC to vote on net neutrality

FCC to vote on net neutrality

Elad Gov-Ari December 15, 2017

[Update: The FCC voted 3:2, in favor of ending net neutrality.]   [dropcap style="simple" size="4"]W[/dropcap]ith the rise of the internet's many functions, the legality of pricing and service has...

Feature photo by Michelle Wu

Campaign involvement provides political outlet for students

Cassidy Viox December 12, 2016

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]inally, 51 years ago, the United States acted on its ideals and lifted the Fifteenth Amendment voting restrictions of African Americans, encouraging all citizens to exercise democracy....

Becoming an adult: voting

Becoming an adult: voting

Ashley Tanner April 8, 2016

How to Adult is a featured series that will help prepare you for college or independence. It will cover a variety of topics that your parents may have helped you with over the years, but soon may not. How...

School Board candidate election profiles

School Board candidate election profiles

Renata Poet Williams March 20, 2015

[tabs] [tab title="About" target="self"] On April 7 Columbia residents will vote to fill two at-large seats on the Columbia Public Schools School Board. Two incumbents, Christine King and Darin Preis,...

art by Elena Franck

Photo ID at polls complicates voting

Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi February 14, 2014

Fifteen dollars, the average cost of a government issued photo identification, may not seem like a lot of money, but for the majority of Americans, it adds up to a lot of their monthly paycheck. The median...

RBHS PAC serves as one of the citys voting areas. Photo by Muhammad Al-RAwi.

First-time voting underscores responsibility

Maria Kalaitzandonakes November 6, 2012

I have been waiting years for the moment when I would finally vote. I used to go with my mom to the polls early in the morning and beg the lady at the desk to give me an “I Voted” sticker. I would...

Standing at the booth, juniors Randy Hildebrand and Elena Tucker vote for their favorite candidate in the mock election. The booth was set up to get more people involved in political events.

Students vote for president in the main commons

Atreyo Ghosh October 30, 2012

Students can vote for the next president of the United States today in the main commons. The VOTES (Voting Opportunities for Teenagers in Every State) program is sponsoring this mock election.  Social...

Senior Emily Thomas laughs with soon to be registered voters in the main commons this morning. Photo by Asa Lory

Political clubs host voter registration

Lauren Puckett October 8, 2012

Today, Oct. 8, during first period, second period and both lunches, students coming of age have an opportunity to register to vote. A booth led by Young Republicans, Young Democrats and Young Moderates...

Clubs encourage voter registration

Manal Salim September 21, 2012

Election Day is an opportunity for 18-year-olds to express their new adult privileges. However, only 20.9 percent of young people eligible to vote cast ballots in presidential elections. For that reason,...

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