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A new groove: Next year, all performing arts groups, including the jazz program, will increase in size with the arrival of freshmen. Photo by Asa Lory

Performing arts prepares for freshmen

Manal Salim April 18, 2013

With the move to a four-year high school system next year, the influx of freshmen is expected to alter classroom sizes and structures at RBHS. This holds true for the performing arts program, where the...

Junior Tricia Hill

Later start time causes reaction, conflicting schedules

Kaitlyn Marsh March 12, 2013

After last night's final decision by the Columbia Public School board regarding the start times for elementary, middle and high school students in the coming year, students share multiple opinions...

Board of Education decides on new school start times

Urmilla Kuttikad March 11, 2013

The Columbia Board of Education finalized the new school start times for the 2013-2014 school year at today's Board of Education Regular Session. Middle schools and a handful of elementary schools (with...

Advisory Coordinator Melissa Coil moderates the quiz bowl event for the Advisory Olympics from earlier this year. Photo by Morgan Nuetzmann

Teachers to vote on Bruin Block proposal

Atreyo Ghosh March 11, 2013

Today, RBHS teachers will be voting on the Bruin Block proposal after they had a chance to participate in a Q&A session Thursday morning and afternoon. The faculty is currently voting on the proposal...

Senior mentor Cameron Grahl reads a clue her team found in the Advisory Olympics on Feb. 12. If the Bruin Block proposal passes, sophomores would not have a full period of Advisory next year, but a half hour of Advisory and half hour of lunch. Photo by Drew Rodgers

Bruin Block proposal receives support

Urmilla Kuttikad February 12, 2013

The faculty-comprised Student Support Committee, which proposed to implement the Bruin Block alternative to sophomores' Advisory next year, presented its proposal last Wednesday and Thursday to all of...

Superintendent supports later start time

Alyssa Sykuta February 6, 2013

[dropcap style="1" size="3"]T[/dropcap]Though the school board has not finalized the decision, Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Chris Belcher has officially taken a stance on the start times debate...

Board looks into starting high schools last

Board looks into starting high schools last

Kaitlyn Marsh January 27, 2013

During a school board work session Jan. 24, a school board member brought to light the option of starting CPS high schools last in next year's new, three-tiered transportation system. A change from the...

Schedule sheets like this used to come with a space for teacher signatures to allow students to move onto to higher level classes. Many prerequisites for classes like math, language arts and foreign languages no longer apply. Photo by Daphne Yu

District policy changes class selection

Brittany Cornelison January 17, 2013

The early window for registering for classes is not the only change for sophomores and juniors. This year, students are no longer required to have a certain grade in a preceding class in order to be accepted...

Board of Education discusses start times

Board of Education discusses start times

Urmilla Kuttikad January 15, 2013

Battle High School "is a huge accomplishment,” Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Chris Belcher said. “It is something for our community to be proud of.” Though there was a consensus that the...

Maus, secondary administrators deserve commendation

Maus, secondary administrators deserve commendation

Adam Schoelz January 11, 2013

Yesterday could not have been an easy day to be Mark Maus. After an email to RBHS teachers outlined the most recent proposal for start times, many were miffed, to say the least, that high school was scheduled...

Show Choir is one of the activities that the takes place before school and would be affected by earlier start times. Photo by Daphne Yu

CPS hits the mark with new start times proposal

Atreyo Ghosh January 11, 2013

Your browser does not support the audio element. This is a satirical piece. BREAKING NEWS: Columbia Public Schools has released a new proposal regarding school start times that does not at all contradict...

District debates change in start time. Photo by Muhammad Al-Rawi

District proposal may hurt sports, arts

Alyssa Sykuta January 10, 2013

The transportation committee for Columbia Public Schools announced yesterday their proposal that high schools start class next year at 7:20 a.m., as opposed to the current 7:50 a.m. start time. Part of...

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