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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Photos courtesy of Bailey Stover

Nostalgia stirs introspection

Bailey Stover February 25, 2020
Talking about how my life has changed becomes increasingly difficult when I struggle to recall the sequence of my youth. The only consistent memory my Swiss cheese brain has kept safe from time’s thieving grasp has been the Sunday mornings I spent with my grandpa in his house, which hasn’t changed since I was born.
Art by Riley Kerns

Thanks for the memories: a farewell to my childhood

Bailey Stover October 14, 2019

Like nearly every other child, I had a comfort object. His name was Dear Deer. I got him when I was three years old, and he became my best friend. I slept with him every night, took him on every family...

Photo by Ellen Terry

Freshman reflect on their first year at RBHS

Ellen Terry May 25, 2015

As the school year draws to a close, the RBHS class of 2018 takes a look back on their first year of high school. The move from middle school to high school is a huge step. To freshman students coming...

Students explore future career options by listening to guest speakers from their prospective professions. Photo by Amy Blevins.

Seniors say goodbye

Abby Kempf May 19, 2014

As seniors leave RBHS they are looking onto many obstacles, tackling college decisions, fretting over sky-high tuitions, and deciding what career they wish to pursue. The RBHS family has helped students...

Ive always found this old oak tree to be so beautiful, and the way the sun was shining through it on Sunday was simply perfect.

First Snowfall

Morgan Berk December 27, 2013

Since this past weekend was the first significant snowfall of the year, I figured I should go out and get some pictures, since snow is such a beautiful thing. These first few photos were taken at my church. That...

Cover by Michelle Zhuang


The Rock and Bearing News Staff March 15, 2013

Somewhere there is a boy standing on a rainy playground at a cloudy sunset hanging onto a fistful of colorful balloons that stand out defiantly among the asphalt and gray-brown mulch land that he inhabits. As...

Afsah Khan at the age of one models her off an adorable innocence in one of her early childhood photos. Photo provided by Afsah Khan

Photographs hold lifetime worth of treasures

Afsah Khan October 17, 2012

All it takes is the press of a button. A quick flash of light. The subtle sound of a click. In the time it takes to blink, a camera can stop the clock. It can capture any moment and suspend it in time...

The view from Salims Grandmothers balcony overlooks the gorgeous Bosnian countryside, overgrown with lucious greenery and scattered with small farmhouses. Photo by Manal Salim

Teen finds bliss in simplicity

Manal Salim September 29, 2012

Bosnia, a small country nestled within the heart of Europe, is filled with bustling cities and sights galore. Tourists and citizens alike visit the diverse markets, where the smells of spices engage with...

Remembrances become few as the anniversary comes closer

Kaitlyn Marsh April 29, 2012

Our memories are one of the most cherished substances. There has to be a little pocket of brain cells that connect to all other cells, and that little pocket holds our childhood and remembrances. And...

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